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    I saw this today on Facebook.

    Yesterdayat8:40AM ·
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    It is with a heavy heart that I received this sad news of the passing of a dear friend to all of us in this hobby of slot car racing, John Ford. John was the long time publisher of Scale Auto Racing News slot car magazine, as well as a former track builder and raceway owner... and a true icon of the slot car racing hobby / sport.
    I received this email from Linda Ford:
    "I am sorry to inform you that John Ford passed away yesterday at 3:00 pm. He had been in the hospital for three weeks and after failed attempts at dialisysis due to his heart condition he left this life. He will ve missed. Sincerely, Linda Ford"
    My heart goes out to Linda Ford, and their family and friends... as well as all of us who knew John in the slot car racing community all over the world.
    - Paul Kassens @ The Old Weird Herald — with
    John Ford

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    I have reached the age when I seem to have a lot of old friends and acquaintances slip away from the world. Guys who leave something significant when they are gone are to be admired. To have been friends with them is an honor.


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      Very sad news.

      Subscribed to his fine slot car magazine for many years.

      R.I.P. John Ford .


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        Sad news indeed. In the 1980s-90s John Ford was working with Hasse Nilsson constructing custom commercial slot car raceways around the world. They were here on Long Island late in 1987 to build the two main 8 lane tracks for our second Islip Miniature Speedway slot car store, which opened in January of 1988. Hasse did the woodwork, then John instructed us in the application of the epoxy paint surface, wiring and braid. I've still got one souvenir scar on my thumb from the #2 phillips bit on Hasse's electric driver/drill!
        It was a proud day when I saw our new "Cyclone" 140 foot road course featured on the cover of Scale Auto Racing News, with me leaning on that big, wide bank. The other track was an 8 lane Pocono Speedway replica which supported our many oval track racing series (and really helped to pay our rent!).
        It was great talking to John for the week or two he spent with us, and I asked many questions during our conversations. I had given him my personal slot car business card before he left for Texas, and was I surprised to find it published in the classified section of SARN. I then started receiving mail inquiries from all over North America, and then Europe, some of which I had to have translated into English! I thanked John for the free listing but had to ask him to remove it, as I didn't have that amount of inventory. My last dealing with John was to buy the booklet and video disc he had published about the original American Model Car Raceways. As some of us know, many of today's tracks are based on that company's original designs, especially the almighty 155 foot "Blue King" and it's many modern variations to accommodate today's winged missiles.
        Good memories none the less, and I will always be thankful for our conversations and all that I had learned from him about this hobby we all love. Thanks for your many contributions to our hobby, Mr. Ford, you will not be forgotten. Without a doubt, a great loss for our hobby.
        Rest in peace, sir. -- Ernie Finamore
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          Sad news indeed, RIP Mr Ford.
          Come Race at The Trace!
          Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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            Yes RIP. Very few men like or out of this hobby.


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              Originally posted by HomeRacingWorld View Post
              Yes RIP. Very few men like or out of this hobby.
              That about sums it up.


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                OMG, new this was going to be bad news as soon as I read his name....I used to wait for the next issue or SARN (Scale Auto Racing News) every month to buy it at our local Hagginwood Raceway, now out of business for years.

                Rest in Peace John Ford and thanks for all you did for slotcars and racers.