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What track system to start with if you're starting...

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  • What track system to start with if you're starting...

    A fairly long video where I discuss my thoughts about where to start if you're buying into a track system.
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    Absolutely gold. Well done sir.

    SCX and NINCO are dead players. Have been and see no indication of that changing. I personally have not advised either for many years and no reason to change.

    Policar sets with the adjustable voltage and the milder motor cars is tops for beginners. If Carrera would simply wake up a little and offer a new transformer, we would have a game changer. Until then...Policar.

    The Scalextric sets are close though. The adjustable controllers are almost as good as a adjustable supply. And I do like the ARC system for a non-digital lap counter that adds a lot of fun.

    But it's hard not to show a Carrera set. ! Gotta love the width

    Anyway, great video, very helpful to newcomers.


    • Dave Kennedy
      Dave Kennedy commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree with your comments Harry, I tried to point out that you really can't make a "wrong choice" here... there are just better choices and there are choices that are more right for you.

      Also, SCX might not be dead here...

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    Artin. Oh wait ...


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      Artin! I wonder how many started with them. I did. Great track at a GREAT price. I accumulated a lot of it and never had any issues with it. I sold it when I built a wood track. Shame that they no longer exist.



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        Artin was the best out there at the time. Still nothing any better. Obviously Carrera is top choice , if you have the room.. Used track is plentiful ( I assume cost is always a factor), enough different pieces to do about anything you want, plus the 1/24 option is there. If space is consideration, a dedicated 1/32 track is a better option. I guess Scalex Sport would be the top choice, good track, a variety of pieces and a good used market. It just seems the lanes are really close together when you put 2 modern cars on it . I guess magnets keep cars from drifting like a real car, so maybe tight lanes don't matter if you like the stuck down cars. I'm sure the Polistil track is great, just seems like lot of money to buy all new and build a decent sized track.

        Watch Ebay and get some used Carrera or if you're lucky an old box of Artin. Don't rule out old Revell and Monogram. Eldon is OK, too. All the old stuff is workable if you clean it and check all connections.
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