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New Carrera D132 and D124 cars are out now!

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  • New Carrera D132 and D124 cars are out now!

    New Carrera D132 and D124 cars are out now!
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    Has the 1/24 Lola not made to our shore yet?
    Waiting to see one. The rear tires/wheels got panned badly on a German forum.


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    Lots of good looking cars in there..
    Saginaw Valley Raceway
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      No LOLA yet. They said November. We'll see. You know I'll post them ASAP! :^)


      • WB2
        WB2 commented
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        It’s November.

      • JamieB
        JamieB commented
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        WB2, "November" from Carrera usually means November 30th, or sometime in December. lol

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      Lola wheel (photo swiped from magazine that arrived today):

      Click image for larger version

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      • WB2
        WB2 commented
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        I think what JamieB is seeing is reflection off the chrome, not out-of-roundness.
        The issue is the extreme width and height of the center rib. It doesn’t leave much room for tire material. One person commented the tire seemed more like a piece of heat shrink tubing than a tire.

        Frankenslot of Germany has a wheel and tire upgrade available. For front and rear it adds up to $54.31, almost doubling the cost of the car (add in shipping and it would). However, the kits include new axles, wheels, tires, gear, and motor mount.
        Supposedly the Frankenslot parts really transform the cars, but at a healthy cost.
        Perhaps Bruce from Cincy Slots could add comments. At one time he carried Frankenslot parts.

        I hope that a current Paul Gage tire could be fit by reducing that monstrous center section on a tire truer.

      • Cincyslots
        Cincyslots commented
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        We no longer stock their parts.

      • SlotCat
        SlotCat commented
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        Ya, that center rib is huge! Way too tall and will seriously hamper the handling of the car! Good that Frankenslot makes proper parts available, but Carrera could have done a much better job with this!
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