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    Hello, Seeing Dungeonracers thread on the Petty museum, made me think of posting this................if you are ever in Naples Fla,. an absolute must visit is the Revs Institute............I visit a couple of times each winter, and, can never wait to get back.

    One of the greatest car collections in the world, and the displays/settings are spectacular.........from the first autos, to custom luxury cars, to race cars, and the worlds best collection of Porsche race cars, and Cunninghams, the Revs Institute has it all.

    Chris Walker

    PS Lots more videos/pics. on Youtube, and, the Revs Institute website.................absolutely imperative that you look at this video clip !!!

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    A guy I talked to at the Gateway Indy Car race made the same recommendation.


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      Can Am Cars LTD in Maryland Heights has quite the collection also

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      I just found out about their move from Fenton on the same weekend.

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    Cool video! Thanks for posting it. Would be worth a trip to Naples, just to see the Gurney Eagle, but there are many, many other cool cars there as well. Loved the opening scene of that 30s era streamliner. There was another cool video that immediately followed with Barry Meguiar interviewing -
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