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Slot Licensing-New Walmart Fast & Furious set

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  • Slot Licensing-New Walmart Fast & Furious set

    Another video where I discuss slot car licensing and how it relates to a new Fast & Furious that just showed up in Walmart.
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    Dave, That was interesting. Another fine video.
    Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
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      Dragon-i Toys purchased Artin a few years ago. So this race set would be compatible with Artin 1:43 slot car track. They spent a lot of money retooling the controllers but the reviews still aren't all that great. Last time someone inquired with Dragon-i, they had no plans of bringing back the Artin 1:32 race sets but they do own the tooling.
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        Interesting video. Really soaking up all the info you give on the business end of it all. Wish that people would go for more quality over cost. $39 is not going to give you much.....
        Buy cheap buy many more times!
        hope you keep these videos coming as I really enjoy them. Cheers!


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          Walmart has lowered the price on the Fast & Furious set to $29.97. It might be an inexpensive way to introduce someone to slot cars. Here is the link -
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          • Dave Kennedy
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            Yes this is how they buy these sets. I talked with the buyer who would have bought this set and he talked about being able to go out on a sale at 29.97 that's a typical pricing tactic when you buy/make a set like this. So he would have paid no more than $12.00 each for these sets. Even $10.00... so even at 29.97 he's making a killing still.

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          Like many (most?) things these days these are disposable. Opened at 9 am Friday morning, 1st set of batteries dead by early afternoon, new batteries (if on hand) dead by the end of the day. New batteries for the weekend, then sidelined till further notice. "I'm not buying you new batteries everyday for that thing!" Of course kids will rob the batteries out of everything possible but even that will dry up soon. Thankfully smoke alarms these days take 9 volt batteries which won't work in this set, but quite a few will get raided anyway because the kids won't know that till they try.

          Cars, controller, and other parts will start breaking, dust starts to collect on the race set after that and it goes under the bed, in the closet, or in the basement. In the trash or sold at a garage sale in the spring.

          On a positive note, the plastic parts will survive in landfills for centuries awaiting some future archeologists to unearth them and theorize about how our culture worshiped things called cars.