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New Policar F1 Throwback liveries! GEMS

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  • New Policar F1 Throwback liveries! GEMS

    Policar is finally showing the liveries they're planning for the generic open wheel F1's. These are the first 4 planned including the Shadow livery!
    These cars are scheduled to come this year.
    These first 4 decorated liveries are coming in addition to the previously announced solid color cars and and unpainted car too.
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    Very cool Dave! I especially like the Shadow and Candy liveries . "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in again!"
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    • KK Racing
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      I could see myself purchasing the same two as well. Nice choices!

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    Beta, yes!


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      Halo on throwback cars?! Weird. Weel, I guess I musta mispoke, they are a modern car with throwback liveries😬
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        Was this model with the halo previously announced? If so, I missed it somehowVery cool.


        • Dave Kennedy
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          Yes the modern F1's were announced quite a while ago.

        • 32lbking
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          Thanks Dave. On second thought, I probably DID see it when it was announced. My brain only has so much room for information, so that bit of info was probably pushed out to make room. Lol

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        Can’t wait for these cars. Love that they include the halo. I’ll be making a few custom current cars like #3 Daniel Ricciardo. Thanks to Policar.


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          Yeah, ok......I’m in!
          I think I’ll be setting up my Scalextric 12x8 Bahrain layout this weekend to get ready for some Policar F1 racing!

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            Way to go Policar! Very clever idea on how to mix the old with the new, that "Toleman Hart" is a must have for anyone that's a Senna fan and saw that 1984 Monaco race, he got cheated out what was a sure win!
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