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What to expect from brands? What parts?

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  • What to expect from brands? What parts?

    A topic that comes up a lot. What should you expect from the homeset vs. hobbyist brands of cars? I also touch on the "parts issue" about why we really don't see replacement parts in this market.
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    Most important thing in my opinion is that the home set cars work out of the box. If a kid gets a slot car set or car as a gift and it doesn't work or is otherwise a disappointment it's a real downer and sends another potential sloter to video game land. I was frustrated when a bunch of the Fly classic cars I bought wouldn't run out of the case, but I had them all running in a day or two and they are all reliable racers on my track now.

    And yes, these are all toys. Remembering that keeps the focus on fun and not getting too stressed out when things go wrong.


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      Arrold Martin
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        Another good video Dave.
        Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
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          Great video Dave, very informative and sheds some light on the parts availability in North America.
          The need for some parts have been met by people doing 3D chassis and other parts for those who want to replace or in some cases upgrade to the “hobbiest” parts.
          Ayton, ON Canada