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  • *** New *** Predator Slot Car Motors

    (** Special introductory pricing is $6.99 USD through August 31, 2020 **)

    Introducing Predator Slot Car Motors for 1:32 slot car racers. The initial Predator Slot Car Motor releases feature:
    • S-Can Motor (FC-130) - these are direct replacements for many 1:32 motors
    • Motor shaft diameter is 2.0mm
    • Smooth, predictable power band
    • Dual armature shaft can be used with can or end-bell drive setup
    • Long life carbon brushes
    • Includes tapped holes for securing to motor mount with M2 screws (can end)
    • Affordable price - $7.99 USD
    Initially available in 18,000 RPM and 25,000 RPM versions.

    Click image for larger version

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    Predator Slot Car Motors are available from Slot Car Corner and Clover Leaf Racing.

    Try a Predator Slot Car Motor and "Eat Your Competition For Lunch!".

  • #2 I’m hungry...again! Have to give these a whirl.
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      What is the torque rating on these motors?
      Peterborough Ont


      • Predator
        Predator commented
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        We've never measured the torque.

      • HomeRacingWorld
        HomeRacingWorld commented
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        My testing indicates about 120 g/cm give or take. Right around a stock Scalextric. You have one coming in the mail too...little door prize from the race.

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      I ordered a couple and will see how they do in my test chassis. I'll report back when they arrive.
      Matt B
      So. In


      • Brumos RSR
        Brumos RSR commented
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        Mattb, if you can compare it to the H&R that would be great

      • Kevan
        Kevan commented
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        If it can compare to an H&R that would be impressive

      • Rleog
        Rleog commented
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        A comparison with a Piranha would also be meaningful.

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      Since the same dealers also sell and promote the Piranha, I would love to hear how it compares, especially in the 25k model
      "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
      "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

      Murray Walker


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        I'll see how they do. One of the guys runs the H&R 26K motors, but they are no faster than our 21K motors and have braking issues. It's pretty easy to compare motors on my track. It's a modified figure "8", but is kind of a punchbowl with driving skill not having to be real high. Main straight is about 28 foot. I personally like the FK180 motors and I'll see how these short cans stack up.
        Matt B
        So. In


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          Now THAT is a good test. Different tracks and tastes simply dictate what motor you like best.

          There is no perfect motor aside from the one YOU like.


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            Originally posted by F1Fan
            Since the same dealers also sell and promote the Piranha, I would love to hear how it compares, especially in the 25k model
            Originally posted by HomeRacingWorld

            Well it is much lower RPM, so what comparison do you need?

            It's a milder motor. Good response, decent braking. Been testing them here and they are a fine motor.

            But they are not going to best a 25K on a larger track...
            I believe what Chris is looking for is a comparison of the torque of the 25K Predator with the 25K Piranha.

            For anyone following the current fast proxies, there appears to be a trend toward 25K motors doing very well. As we all know, Chris has to test every possible motor on the planet for his proxy entry before selecting the one he will use to come second, so I am assuming this is the reason for his inquiry .



            • F1Fan
              F1Fan commented
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              Scott you always make me laugh! As you know finding that sweet spot between RPM, Torque and the perfect gear ratio helps a lot with drive-ability on wood no magnet. I have motors in this RPM range like the MBSlot Pippo that have very different characteristics compared to a similar RPM NSR Shark, due to the magnets they use, and yes it ultimately comes down to what you like best, but in proxy racing it is less about you and more about the other 30 or so drivers that will drive your car in a series!

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            Scott, there isn't point to testing these motors is there? Let's just let Chris do the hard work and then buy what he uses!!!! Harry's right there is no best. I got one guy that runs with no brake and braking means nothing to him!! I will see how they compare.
            Matt B
            So. In


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              No test guys, sorry. I got the motors from SCC today. One 18K motor and 4 25K motors. soldered lead wires on them, installed 8 tooth pinions and ground the pinion shaft off 1/16 inch or so to clear a crown gear hub. Went to put them in my test chassis (LVJ) and the little cans only have side mount holes, no hole above or below the pinion shaft. The LVJ frames which is my go to does not have side motor mount holes. I usually use a self tapping screw and solder. For testing purposes I wasn't going to solder in and solder out, solder in and solder out. I don't want to have to drill the motor mount plate in future builds so the motors got put back in the bags and are available if anybody wants to buy them. I paid $40 total for 5 motors. I will sell these motors for $30 plus $3 toward shipping. $33 total if anybody wants one 18k motor and four 25k motors.
              PP friend or family
              Matt B
              So. In


              • slothead
                slothead commented
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                Matt B - I was just rereading this post and wondering what motors you ended up using in the LVJ chassis? If possible please provide feedback on the WOO sprint car thread. I want to ensure the chassis and motors I order are compatible. .

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              Motors are gone. thanks
              Matt B
              So. In


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                I ordered one of each. Am putting the 25k in a scaleauto honda hsv sidewinder set up will see how well it does in our late model sports car class. Air wheels no magnet and nsr ruber with nsr axle.


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                  The Predator 25 K motor seems an incredible value. I used the ”Livingston” motor break in procedure and obtained the following RPM data @ 12volts:

                  Prior to break in, 26,803 rpm
                  Post break in, 27,409 rpm

                  I replaced the stock V12 motor in the new Maserati GT3 with this Predator motor and immediately got a 0.5” lap time improvement on my 55’ routed wood track. Subjectively it has a smooth power band that reminds me of Piranha motors.

                  I was surprised to see that someone tested this motor at 120 g-cm torque. It feels much stronger than that. That figure might have been from the 18 K version.
                  Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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                    I really need to start taching my motors before I break them in. I have 25k going through break in now. Going to try one in a GT3 proxy entry. We’ll see if I can make it work.


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                      Without torque measurements from Predator, you really have no idea of motor performance
                      You have to know the torque to know the power developed, and how you might best gear it for a given use, relative to other known motor brands.

                      Below is a chart of common S-Cans. I allocated a default of 120 G/Cm to both Predator motors.
                      But if you scaled the torque of the Predator 25k upward by the same ratio as the RPM, it would be about 10.6 watts
                      (That's not scientific or technical based, just for comparative purposes)
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	motorsHRW.jpg
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                      • Rleog
                        Rleog commented
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                        Why would you allocate a “default” of 120 gm-cm (not gm/cm) to the 18 K Predator motor? Then, again, a “default” of 120 gm-cm to the 25 K Predator?

                        Subjectively, acceleration of the 25K Predator was in the same ballpark as the Piranha ball bearing 25 K motor in tests on my track. Hard for me to believe that the torque rating on the 25 K Predator is 120 g-cm.