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Slot Stories #5 Wynn's Racing GTE

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  • Slot Stories #5 Wynn's Racing GTE

    A brief video of the story behind how the newest Scalextric Ford GTE project got started.
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    Great story. Waiting for the Wynn’s car to show up at my LHS.
    A number of years back I picked up a couple of Sideways DP cars from the IMSA trinket trailer at Road America. First, and last, time I saw slot cars for sale at a race.


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      Dave, Another good story.
      Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
      Connecticut, U.S.A.


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        NICE! Thats was a good story keep them coming. You still work for hornby America Dave?


        • Dave Kennedy
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          No, I lost my job March 11th (the day the NBA shutdown and the whole world went to hell because of Covid).

          I'm unemployed now and I'm unsure of what I might be able to do for work. While I have time I'm doing these videos just to kinda have something to do and to finally tell some of these stories in public.

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        Good info. I did not know that was coming out. I will be on the look out for it a a LHS.
        Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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          Very colorful car. Looks great!
          Saginaw Valley Raceway
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            Very interesting story. I always loved these purple Wynns cars. Here is a pic from a UK slot car store.....they are now available overseas and should be here any day now. The car comes with a nice LeMans case too. Surprisingly, the new versions of the Ford GTE car (both this car and the Castrol car) have the nice scale Michelin tire markings. I also prefer the silver wheels to the more common black wheels. This is a great scale slot car! Cheers RvE

            Click image for larger version

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            Toronto, Ontario


            • Dave Kennedy
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              What???? Can you buy painted markings on the tires? The wheels on most all slot cars are plastic and ALL Scalextric wheels are plastic.

            • dinglebery
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              Yes Dave, you read that right. Tampo's or Tire Stencil Template is what it's called. Like stencils SK Decals makes. I'm very familiar with slot cars (have hundreds) and know wheels are plastic otherwise. Just thought they were upping their game for a car of this caliber.

            • RvE
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              In case anyone is interested, yes you can buy tire markings in 1/32 scale to add to unmarked slot car tires. The ones I use are supplied by Indycals. Be sure to use a setting compound (I use Solvaset) on the decals after they are applied, and they will stand up to alot of abuse! I posted a thread on this topic on HRW. Tire markings became an obscure obsession of mine when Scaley stopped adding them and Carrera started adding their brand to the tires.

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            Sorry to hear about the unemployment. when one door closes another opens. Am sure something great is coming Dave. Too much knowledge to be left idle. I for one am very thankful for all your tips and tricks.
            Keep it in the slot.