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New Back to the Future DeLorean

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  • New Back to the Future DeLorean

    Just shot the sample I got from of this new Back to the Future DeLorean from ... well, you know who.

    Back To Future GTslots by Dave M Kennedy Photography, on Flickr
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    Hey Dave , you have to wonder if it will get up to the required 88 mph


    • docdoom
      docdoom commented
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      the slot car will. not so much for the full size version

    • Fathead59
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      Maybe you are right Doc . I would just be afraid of not knowing what year it went to .

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    That's awesome photo. Is that the Policar track? The light and shading on the surface of the track really set off the car.

    Not a huge fan of the car but it will be popular. I'm annoyed the shop I work at hasn't gotten any yet.


    • Dave Kennedy
      Dave Kennedy commented
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      Yes it's Policar track. Good stuff.

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    Definitely a must for sure! Great job scalextric! Smooth and tire compound is so much better! We run on mdf no magnet. And they run like silk!


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      I just ordered mine. Gotta be better and more to scale than the IROC Camaro. I'm contemplating removing the "Back to the Future" equipment as I don't want it to disappear at the end of my main straight


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        Beautiful photography Dave! It really shows off the detail of the car. And the cars these days really do have some amazing detail. It's getting difficult to tell slot cars from their 1:1 counterparts in photographs anymore.
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