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    Hello slot car enthusiasts, hoping all of us are surviving this insanity around us. I know many of us are spending MUCH more time than usual with our hobby, I for one surely am! I've been going through cardboard boxes and trays filled with zip lock bags containing cars, parts, tires, bodies, tools, ect. I'm always picking up things for myself while vending at the model/slot car shows in the northeastern quadrant of the US. Mostly going through HO scale slot stuff for now, from Vibes to Mega G+ type items. I came across a sample I had received 7 years ago from a person named Kihm at Slot Car Express in upstate NY. The phone number is no longer valid, an a web search proved futile. Does this person or "company" name sound familiar to anyone? I'm hoping to find some positive information about Kihm and the products involved. Many things can change in 7 years.
    Everyone please stay safe, stay healthy, be well. Thanks for reading. -- Ernie

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    When I was in Rochester, NY last year I think I remember going into a place called Slot Car Express. I always look for hobby shops when I travel and somehow ended up there. They'd moved from the location I had an address for but were next door so I found them. I was looking for 1:32 scale stuff and they only had HO stuff.

    They were in business before the pandemic so perhaps someone into HO in the Rochester area will be able to give you more info.

    Take care Ernie - I'm still looking forward to seeing you at a show sometime.

    Joe the Slothead


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      Thanks for the info, Joe.
      I haven't been upstate (I'm on Long Island) since attending the Hemmings "Mucslepalooza" at Lebanon Valley Dragway, Labor Day weekend 2019, and then vending at the plastic model show and swap meet last October in Poughkeepsie, hosted by the Hudson Valley Historical Miniatures Guild (google HVHMG for show info). I'm already booked in there with my Ernie's Model Auto Parts vendor set up for this October. In late November there should be The NJ Slot Car Show at the PAL hall in Parsippany, a show well worth a few hours drive with some friends, especially if you're a big fan of the HO stuff like me. There are some vendors with 1/32 and 1/24 slot stuff, both old and new (I handle some of the larger scale stuff myself, when I have it available for sale). Of course, many, if not most slot car shows have more HO items than the larger scales. Been vending at Pete's NJ show for decades, and I spend more than a few bucks there myself!
      I hope by then we can all get together and enjoy our hobby safely.
      For now, thanks to our generous host Harry Wise, we can all keep in touch here. Enjoy!
      Stay safe, stay healthy, be well. Thanks again. -- Ernie

      *** If you go to the HVHMG club website and click on the show flyer, in the photo of the vendor area you'll see three tall black shelving units against the back wall. That's where my 12 foot wide vendor area is located. Come by and say hello!-- E
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        I grew up in the Hudson Valley and lived most of my life 10 miles or less from Poughkeepsie. I got my first slot car tracks at the Montgomery Wards store in Poughkeepsie. Last time I was there was when my grandson graduated from Vassar 5 years ago.

        Come October if life is somewhat normal again I may consider a trip to the show.


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          Kihm left us several years ago.

          Randy C
          Grindrod B.C.


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            I'm sorry to hear that, but thank you for answering my inquiry.
            Stay safe, stay healthy. -- Ernie