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Worldwide slot car chat Zoom Meeting!

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  • Worldwide slot car chat Zoom Meeting!

    You're invited to join the next World Wide Slot Car Chat!

    Chats take place every Wednesday, alternating between 11am Pacific and 4pm Pacific time slots. The link to join is usually posted on Tuesday as a comment below.

    For security reasons, guests will be held in a waiting room prior to joining the chat. Please be patient when joining in as it might take longer than normal.

    Participants should leave their microphone muted unless they are speaking. This is to avoid accidentally interrupting someone who is talking. If you are making noise, I will mute your mic, so don't unmute until you're ready to speak. That said, don't be afraid to unmute when you want to add something to the conversation. I don't always catch every little wave. Join the chat a few minutes early to test things out and figure out where the mute button is. We are usually there 10-15 minutes early, but the recording will start on the hour.

    Suggestions are welcome for talking points and questions you would like to see us answer. If you have a burning question for the group, or a subject you'd like to discuss or watch later, please post your ideas below. I'll compile them all before the chat and we'll see how many we can get to.
    Come as a viewer or participant, either is fine. You can mute your mic and/or block your camera, it's up to you. There's even a text chat function that can be used if you don't or can't use a microphone.

    I hope you are able to join us!

    Catch up on prior meetings by reviewing the recordings in this playlist:
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    Hey, this is a great idea. Good call.


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      I saw this on Facebook and could not find it again, thanks for posting.


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        I've set a reminder on my phone to check this out on Youtube tomorrow at 1 pm my time.


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          Maybe yeah...
          Slot Car Nerd/Photographer/ Just a self-styled marketing guy on my back porch.
          Check out my YouTube channel for weekly slot car news


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            I'm going to need to clean off the workbench again lol


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              Hope to see some people in about an hour from now.


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                On now... good to connect with guys.
                Slot Car Nerd/Photographer/ Just a self-styled marketing guy on my back porch.
                Check out my YouTube channel for weekly slot car news


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                  I intended to check this out but a quick run to the dump and then Walmart for groceries took 2 1/2 hours. I got home and turned on the computer at 1:57 pm eastern time so didn't even bother looking up the link.

                  Hope this went well enough that it becomes a regular event. I will plan to log in next time.


                  • lance
                    lance commented
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                    You should have checked in. It was 1hr 27min into it when i had to leave. It is nice to see people to put a face to a name.

                  • docdoom
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                    some times that not always a good thing...

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                  1:57 eastern? That was 2 hours ahead of time. ;-)

                  I think this chat was the best yet! We had great attendance from all over the world, even some night-owls from the UK time zones. It was fun to hear about people's history and experience in the world of slot cars, and put more faces and voices to names. We will definitely do it again next week. I think we'll alternate between this time, and a few hours prior, so that we can give both those down under, and those in western Europe a change to join in at least every other week.

                  I'm currently uploading the recording to YouTube. There was a problem with the audio when I previewed it on my computer, but I'm hoping that was my processor being busy, and not the recording. If it's good, I'll post a link so that people can enjoy it.

                  Hopefully next time, people who join in to try and make fun will at least have the courage to use their real name. You know who you are.


                  • slothead
                    slothead commented
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                    You're absolutely right. I got it backwards, subtracting 3 hours from the time rather than adding 3 hours to account for time zones. I was on HRW at 7 pm eastern time and never thought about it. Do I actually know how time zones work? Yes, have a brother in Oregon and best friend from college in California.

                    Once I'd put the meeting on my calendar at the wrong time I never gave it another thought.

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                    Really enjoyed meeting, listening, talking with you all this evening, hope to do it again soon.


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                      Next meeting takes place in approximately 24 hours from the time of this posting. No matter what part of the "slot car" hobby you enjoy or are taking an interest in, you are welcome to attend the meeting and share your story, ask questions, or just watch and listen! Also, I apologize to anyone who cannot attend due to the time of day. The next meeting will be at a different time.


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                        Will be working, will likely watch on youtube when posted. Looking forward to next session, I have so many questions.


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                          I enjoyed the zoom meeting, but nodded off in my recliner near the end. I'm in training for the Olympic nap team if that becomes an approved sport.

                          I'll tune in again next week.