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    Nicest I’ve seen so far!
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      I've been offline for about 2 weeks due to connection issues and just logged into HRW again tonight and see these new Legends being announced. I need some PG tires for other cars and as soon as I find a dealer who has these cars in stock and also offers a wide assortment of PG cars I'll be placing an order.

      If and when the assembled chassis and body kits become available I'll be getting a few of them too.


      • dw5555
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        Why not just order them from Paul?

      • slothead
        slothead commented
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        Yes, I've ordered a bunch of PG's from the man himself. Just seeing if I can do one stop shopping and only pay one shipping charge. I can use the savings for an extra pair of tires or some other small item. BUT, will probably have to get tires from Paul or SCC since the dealers I see that have the new Legend cars don't carry them. I had the cars in a cart on the Powerhobby site last night but then went looking for tires and didn't complete the purchase. Tires are for 2 Scalextric Le Mans cars.

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      I'm with War Eagle...Very nice. To me these liveries are just simple and plain, but I like them a lot.


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        Both for me! They look Great! Thanks again Jules! Another great job by the pioneer team!


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          I'm surprised to see 2 new liveries this soon and hope more are released this spring. If there's a reason to assume there will be a variety of RTR cars coming at regular intervals I'll look forward to filling my field with them.

          So far the 4 RTR cars are light blue (#22), white (#30), red (#2) and dark green (#7). What colors should be next? I'm thinking yellow, light green, a darker blue, and something in black (maybe #13).

          I've had the 2 original kits since the week dealers got them in stock, but still haven't touched them. Too many bits for tired eyes and hands to deal with so far. Not sure what I'll end up doing with them.


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            I hear ya Slot head! I have several projects on the table am working on also! Too many projects not enuff time.