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  • ThunderSlot Mustang

    Thunderslot pony car anyone? The Italian company founded by NSR designer Giovanni Montiglio are following up their awesome Can-Am race cars with a new '67 Shelby Mustang. You can find out more over in the SlotRacer News forum:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	23474AAC-6BA2-411D-A353-6EBC539852DF.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.4 KB ID:	157708 Click image for larger version  Name:	176043B5-9043-41D2-9784-3A7D808BF15F.jpg Views:	0 Size:	22.5 KB ID:	157709 Click image for larger version  Name:	0E022B1F-07E0-42BC-9DAD-B20876AD4F2B.jpg Views:	0 Size:	84.7 KB ID:	157710
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    Looks like a chassis for the serious racers this ain't no kids toy


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      Revoslot owners will like this and if you've raced JK chassis before you'll be familiar with the layout and it works fantastic.
      Kevan - Isle of Man
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      • WB2
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        Is the JK a take-off on the Cox ISO Fulcrum chassis?
        Chassis advancement may be good from an engineering standpoint, but I feel it leads to too many one-manufacturer classes.

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      Though it might be a bit, would like to see the pipeline of ones to follow in this class.
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        Looks okay, but doubt this would compete with my Pioneer Mustang notchback Trans Am cars. After time trials the race director would probably mandate a restrictor plate in the form of about 6 ounces of additional weight.


        • Kevan
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          So would that 6oz 'restrictor plate' be mandated after the Thunderslot Mustang blowing your Pioneer Mustang into the weeds?

        • slothead
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          You misunderstand how our race director wields his power. The Thunderslot Mustang would be 'managed' from the get go. SCCA Trams Am rules required basically 'stock' components and that Thunderslot chassis looks closer to a fabricated one than one from the factory with a few upgrades.

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        Well I can see a whole field of thunderslots for the next trans am proxy.
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        • Kevan
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          It might even kickstart a whole new proxy series

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        I'll bet it weighs about 1/2 of what my Scalextric Mustang does.


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          I wish I hadn't noticed this thread. I'm thinking about retiring but maybe I need to retire from slot cars 1st. Already got too many Mustangs and I'm not even a Ford guy and I've even got Mustangs in my Cougar draw.
          CHCH NZ


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            I get paid to build models, race slot cars, and travel to museums.


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              I think an H & R 14K might be a good restrictor motor


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                Originally posted by Thunderjet 34 View Post
                Looks like a chassis for the serious racers this ain't no kids toy
                A proven chassis design, but, by no means new.............

                ​​​​​​To be honest, the design is not all that new, it follows the design/principles of the Parma, Kelley, JK, Mossetti, etc. 2 piece "flexi chassis that have been used in 1/24 commercial "Flexi" class racing since the Parma "flexi" was released in the late 80's.

                The same design philosophy can been seen on many 1/32 BSCRA /Eurosport type chassis over the last 15 years+.

                A Mossetti 1/24 Patriot "Flexi"......different pan and center section cut-outs, but the design premise is the same

                Click image for larger version

Name:	MR-3102.jpg
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                Chris Walker