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I'll Never Eat Another Thing From Satriales

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  • I'll Never Eat Another Thing From Satriales

    Some tasty tidbits coming from RevoSlot...

    Click image for larger version

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    Aw, you liked that sausage, didn't you?


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      Until they cut up a human corpse on the bandsaw.

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      Early in the show, maybe the first episode, my boys and I were watching, and when Soprano and Co. were standing around outside Satriale's, they laughed and nodded at the front window, when the subject of someone they didn't like came up. I think they got rid of a lot of opponents that way.

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    Kind of feel the same way about “Louis’ ”.

    A nice little unassuming, out-of-the-way place in the Bronx with great Italian food.
    Especially the Veal. It’s the best in the city.

    Then some guy named “Sollozzo” got whacked there one night.
    Some folks say it added to the place’s “il fascino”.

    Frankly, last time I had dinner there, I was too scared to let anyone at my table go to the bathroom.

    So I’ve switched to just ordering carry-out…

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      I’ve always made it a point to go to Sparks Steakhouse when visiting NYC….Now you guys have me thinking about it. I always thought the steaks were DELICIOUS
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        I don't think it is the steaks you have to worry about , it would be the ground meat that just might have a different flavor , Like don't order a hamburger from a mob owned place . You just might end up eating something else