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  • Maybe it's been answered ...

    ... and I have been away from slots for a while, but ... is Parma still in the slot car business?

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    There is still a Parma site but it appears that they are just selling off the last of their inventory. I imagine that the closing of most commercial raceways and a lot of hobby shops had a major impact on their business. At one time Parma was the proverbial elephant in the room when it came to 1/24th scale commercial raceways, but times have changed. Parma could have shifted their focus to cars and parts for home tracks, but they decided to shut down instead.


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      Well said, Rich. Unfortunately for the hobby, you're speaking the truth about the current situation at PARMA. Such is the state of the slot car hobby today, especially for the struggling commercial track owners with high overhead costs to contend with. What I believe most racers miss, especially the home track casual club guys, is the availability of the PARMA controllers, from the very affordable Economy models which work just fine for the general hobbyist, to the Turbo, which is a lower cost more precision option before stepping up to the electronic controllers of today.
      Being a former commercial raceway owner, I can confer that probably 50-75% of my regular orders consisted of products from PARMA. Before Ken McDowell's passing, I would occasionally speak to him on the phone, giving him feedback on products and offering suggestions for new items. I personally will miss the company, one of the best in the business since 1964. -- Ernie :>)

      *** A quick look at the PARMA PSE website seems to tell me that they may not be keeping involved with the R/C products, either.
      That may or may not be true, just how it appears to me. This one time giant in the hobby had many products that will be missed, for sure.

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    Forgot to add... hopefully the folks at PARMA can find a way to continue with their line of slot and R/C products. -- Ernie


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