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Policar Lotus 72D - Quick Look

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  • Policar Lotus 72D - Quick Look

    Not much has changed mechanically, so just a quick look.


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    My tire choices.



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      Nice reviews, I wish I had watched these before buying the car.

      I'm disappointed that this version of the Lotus has different rear wheels from ALL the other Policar F1 cars so far.

      I'm sure that Policar have a reason for using a different wheel (like scale accuracy), but for those of us who like to upgrade the cars and run on rubber tires, we now have to make some choices.

      If I want to run the same 1219F22 tires that I run on all the other cars (and of which I have some inventory), then I can change to the same aluminum wheel as those cars, but then I need to buy an extra set of the older-style wheel inserts as the new ones will be way too small.

      If I stick with either the stock wheel or the new upgrade aluminum wheel, then as far as I can see there is no F22 or N22 compound tire available (yet). Does anyone know which or Policar F22/N22 compound tire will fit this new wheel?

      So I guess I'm in for a set of wheel inserts, not too bad I guess, but still frustrating when the mechanical specs of a series of cars changes without much reason.
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