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SCX AMG GT3 Mercedes-under the hood.

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  • SCX AMG GT3 Mercedes-under the hood.

    This is a pretty interesting new car from SCX. They don't have US distribution... yet...
    Click image for larger version

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    Motor specs.
    Click image for larger version

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    I thought that was a digital car.
    The pods are fragile, I broke one just popping the motor out.



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      I like the detailed specification sheet but the motor (no load) RPM is rated at 20,000 ±12%!!! Wow! That's 17,600 RPM to 22,400 RPM. I knew there was little to no thought put into selecting the motors for slot cars beyond the targeted RPM at 12 volts but that wide tolerance is a bit surprising.



      • HomeRacingWorld
        HomeRacingWorld commented
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        Not defending SCX here...but that is about right for most China motors in any brand. I have bench tested just about every motor in all brands and the variance is sometimes more than this sir.

        Many Scalextric for a brand example can be 1500 RPM either way.

        It has always been this way. When you mass order by the 1000's it is simply going to happen.

      • steeveew
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        At 10 volts, they're faster than my Scalextrics.

      • Dave Kennedy
        Dave Kennedy commented
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        Its entirely normal for that range of variation. These are toys....

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      Very sexy body and livery, nice smooth motor, brass rear axle bushings as it should be! Way past time SCX to have a USA distributor. Couple things could be improved, front wheels on a single metal axle, less floppy snap in guide (I know this can be fixed), looking forward to seeing it run in your next video and the tuning that you do. SCX makes/made lots of really sweet looking rally cars, a great sales opportunity in North America if they would just get an importer.