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  • Policar 312B2 F1

    A long-awaited car landed in my lap Thursday while working at Electric Dreams, as I do each week:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Policar 312 completed.jpg Views:	0 Size:	84.2 KB ID:	50983

    What a beauty! The initial impression is fantastic, typical of all the cars that come from Policar. A very nice finish, exquisite details and overall a very visually impressive offering.

    As always, the first thing I did once it was out the box was to start taking it apart, as I always like to grind the tires and do some basic setup. It was there that I started to notice little things that will tend to spoil some folks' experience, so I thought I would highlight them along with the fixes.

    First off, the front axle is too short for proper engagement in the wheels. With push-on wheels one wants the axle to penetrate all the way into the wheels to get them rotating as true as possible. Unfortunately, the 48mm axle used in the car only leaves a tiny amount sticking out the suspension when it is in full engagement with one wheel:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Policar 312 front axle.jpg Views:	0 Size:	104.0 KB ID:	50985

    Since the total engagement in each wheel about 2.5mm, it did not make sense to try to even the axle out between the two wheels, so I cut a new axle from 3/32" piano wire to a length of 51mm, and that allowed the front wheels to be fully press on and still leave about 1mm of sideplay. Problem solved.

    Then it was onto the rear. I noticed that the lovely exhaust moldings are attached only at the rear of the car and that the front ends were hanging well below the chassis and looked like they would drag the track:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Policar 312 exhaust droop.jpg Views:	0 Size:	66.8 KB ID:	50981

    There is a small protrusion on the side of the motor pod that makes for a very convenient attachment point for the front of each set of exhausts, and a small drop of super glue was all that was needed to correct this issue. On the right side of the car body, there is a little silver molding down low that needed to be trimmed a bit to allow the body to fit well once it went back. I forgot to take a photo of that, I will add it later.

    While I was looking at the exhausts, I noticed that the chassis was not flat, but had a large gap under the center of the car:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Policar 312 pod malform.jpg Views:	0 Size:	54.4 KB ID:	50982

    The car does not have a full chassis ,of course, like all the Policar F1s there are two screws that attach the front end to the motor pod. As you can see in the photo, the front end of the pod is pointing downward by quite a few degrees. I removed the front end, the motor and the two layshafts in the transmission, and laid the chassis on my steel plate straightening fixture, then held it down with a few big magnets. Then I found one magnet that was as thick as the offset between the pod base and the underside of the attachment segment of the pod (3mm). Once this was all in position, I heated the front end of the pod carefully with a heat gun for a while till it was too hot to touch, then left it to cool while I ground the tires. Once cool, the pod was nice and flat and the whole deal went back together nicely.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_13649.jpg
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ID:	50984

    On reassembly, I decided to clean up the messy soldering on one motor lead and discovered that the capacitor that is soldered between the motor connections needs to be bent down ward in the chassis to ensure the body fits back easily, but otherwise there was no issue re-assembling everything. The rear suspension detail on this car is nicely done in that there are no pieces that need to be removed or bent to separate the body and chassis.

    Once on the track, I was back to Wow again. The car runs very well, at least on a par with the Policar Lotus 72, which I have found to be the fastest of the breed so far.

    So all in all, a satisfactory purchase. I don't mind working on the cars I buy, and I don't expect them to be perfect for the price we pay, but sometimes I do wish that there was a little more care taken when they are assembled.

    I hope this helps anyone else looking to add this car to their collection.
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    Dennis Samson

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      Thanks for the feedback Dennis.


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        I just ordered mine today from SCC. The wheels look too big in diameter though or maybe the tires are too short or am I wrong? Okay, I'll just shut up, I'm just glad it's finally here...


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          Solid gold review sir, well done.


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            Great review Dennis!
            The Jester

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              Thanks for doing that review. I've been wondering about the details on that car. Much appreciated.


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                Thank you.
                Sweet car for sure.


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                  Looks pretty good to me! ...maybe a little more meat on the rear tires, but not much!

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                    Hmm, one of my rear wheels spins on the axle. The axle is also not centered so the track is off in the back. All fixable but not what I generally expect from Policar.

                    Anyway, I had to remove roughly 1/8th of an inch from the axles so now they're even - scuffed up the axle and secured(?) the errant wheel with CA. I've also secured the exhaust like Dennis pointed out. Super Tire silicones on the back (shoulders can be rounds some more) because we like to go fast in out club... :P and here we are.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      So I'm told that by the end of next week i should (i hope) have my sample of this car and the Gunston Porsche. I'm very interested to see the car especially after seeing your concerns about this car Dennis.
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                      • dinglebery
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                        Did you get your car Dave? How's it fare?

                      • Dave Kennedy
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                        I don't have it yet...

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                      We need some video of the car running , please!

                      Why doesn't my car run like that?



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                        From Mauricio over at Slot Forum:

                        Anyway, about the 312 B2, we were able to trace the issues to this fact:

                        During manufacturing, after we checked the production items, the company had to rework all the models, to replace the motor mount which was injected with a wrong configuration, unsuitable for this car. Rather than injecting the rear exhausts parts again, they removed the old exhausts parts, kept them aside, and recycled them on the freshly injected motor mounts. Evidently this added layers of glue to layers of glue and the rear exhaust part now protrudes from the bottom of the chassis. In some cars it is very noticeable, in some other less. This reduces clearance between chassis and track, and especially on the bumpy Ninco track, with its raised rail, can lead to a car that may be malfunctioning.

                        In the light of all of this, we have decided to do as follows:

                        we are preparing a kit consisting of

                        a ) a 51mm axle

                        b ) a new, rear exhaust assembly to replace the existing one on the cars.

                        This kit will be made available free of charge to anyone requesting it, through the distributor - retail shop chain or may be obtained directly from us in some cases.