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    We run nsr 17mm air wheels rear with nsr super grips glue and true and treat the tires and let her rip! Once they break in hold on tight!! It runs like a beast. I prefer sidewinder thats my personal favorite. I cant wait for your new review.


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      I'm glad the review car turns out to have been a dud. I ordered one anyway and it should be here early next week. I just hope my power will still be on since a hurricane will be passing somewhere to the east of Florida Saturday or Sunday.


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        A bit more on chassis warping...

        Plastics used in slotcar chassis aren't capable of maintaining molded-in stresses long term. High temperatures can speed up the relaxation of molded-in stress. Frequently the relaxation of stresses will cause warping.

        This tendency for molded-in stresses in plastic to relax at elevated temperatures can be used to fix warped chassis. The trick is to clamp the chassis down to a flat surface and raise the temperature of the part to the point where stresses will relax but the part will not melt. You hold the part at that temperature long enough for the relaxation process to complete.

        The trick here is to know what temperature is effective but safe, and how long it needs to be held. That varies for different kinds of plastic. I wish I could give you a table of temperature and times for chassis plastics, but I've no experience with that. Other folks should be able to give you guidance.

        And if by chance you see a similarity between relaxing molded-in stresses in plastic and annealing in metals, give yourself a gold star. Very much the same.

        Ed Bianchi


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          For anyone interested, the official method for straightening a chassis is on their website:

          As Ed stated, it's mainly a "time is money" problem, both in terms of the number of parts the factory can punch out in an hour and the number of man hours it takes to design and perfect a mould to minimize warpage. If the market was willing to pay several hundred bucks for a model with a chassis that's perfect out of the box every time, then we might get them, but it's not, so we better learn how to straighten the chassis ourselves

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        Mine came today,the front tires don't rub on the headlights,but the passenger side wheels don't line up exactly in the wheel wells. It seems like the body/chassis aren't lined up ,or are just not quite right.You can see on the underside photo that the body is farther into the wheel well on the passenger side.I don't know if it's the chassis,or the body that's wonky.I'm confused.It should run ok though.

        Upon further investigation,I think the wheel wells are not as large on the passenger side.A little dremeling should fix it.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1761.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.68 MB ID:	48372Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1762.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.64 MB ID:	48373Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1764.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.89 MB ID:	48374
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          Take a caliper to the diameter of each well, and see if they're the same. Inquiring minds want to know!

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          i can see in the first picture that the body sticks out further forward of the back of the chassis on the endbell side.

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        I got mine today and there aren't any aluminum rims to go on the rear. Everything else is OK. The crystal case wasn't shrink wrapped which makes me wonder whether the vendor removed the rims.

        I just rechecked the outer carton and found the rims in the packing material.
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          Caliper measurements, wheel wells
          Driver side :
          Frt 24.13 mm
          Rr 25.13 mm

          Passenger side:
          Frt 23.70 mm
          Rr 24.77 mm


          P.S. I loosened the body screws to 3/4 turn in the back,and 1 turn on the front,the wheels look much more centered.
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            So it is off... by a little. Nothing a little sanding can't fix

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          I put some PG tires on the aluminum rims and trued them and then installed them on the car, So far that is all I have done and it ran some very smooth laps. This car with practically no additional work appears to be competitive with all my other GT-3 class cars. If I installed a lower rpm motor it would compare closely with the scaley GT-3 cars, I hope continues to produce new cars in this class.