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Scalextric Back to the Future DeLorean and BATMAN LMP

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  • Scalextric Back to the Future DeLorean and BATMAN LMP

    Just some light hearted fun this time around. TGIF


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    I watched a ducumentary on the making of 'Back to the Future' and to many people it's a favorite movie. It, and the sequels, have certainly stood the test of time. If I owned a Drive In theater 'Back to the Future" and 'National Lampoon's Vacation' would be my 4th of July double feature. Anyone in a DeLorean or Family Truckster look-a-like gets in free.

    Fun cars that are linked to good entertainment.


    • waaytoomuchintothis
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      I was amazed that several shops have produced Family Trucksters for show. They really went all-out, too. One of them has "something dangling from the roof rack".

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    great review is there a silicon tire for this yet?
    bill ,framingham ma


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      I love that the “flux capacitor” lights up on the Delorean!

      I'm with you on that Batman car Harry!
      Mike - Galena Ohio

      "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal


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        I have not tested any tires for it. I will though since there is interest.

        The Batman is the same as the first one we reviewed here: GINETTA REVIEW


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          Originally posted by slothead View Post
          'Back to the Future' ....., and the sequels, have certainly stood the test of time.


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            Did you know...

            Click image for larger version  Name:	LOGO-bttf-bee4c00711a16fa8955fe6694dc49b63.png Views:	0 Size:	131.5 KB ID:	39206

            was set to go on stage in the UK this spring before the shutdown? If the music is good this will make the concept come alive again for new generations!

            Get your DeLorean orders in now before they sell out.
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              Good heads up regarding availability, Ordered mine last night from a local shop in Vancouver.



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                If you are looking for a silicone tire, the CB36 is a bit "shorter" (smaller OD) and just a bit wider than stock but still looks/works fine.


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                  Yes sir, just tested the CB 36. Great fit.


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                    OK, which Paul Gage tire fits the Delorean? It looks like an odd size.


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                      I think the DeLorean is the best running out of the box car Scalextric has done in a long time.

                      John R


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                        I agree with John, mine runs sweet but really loose in the corners. I'm hoping a pair of PG tires will improve the cornering grip. I ordered what I will hope fits. If they do I will report back which size I bought.


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                          Searched up this post from a few months back -

                          Can the Scalextric DeLorean be made "stock"?

                          That is, is it possible to remove all of the wires and time travel tech "greebles" on the body, or are they molded in?

                          Maybe there are mounting holes that would have to be filled, maybe a rear deck would have to be fabricated - I don't know - maybe there is a stock DeLorean body shell underneath?

                          Don't get me wrong, it is a cool movie car - just wondering if there might be another car sitting there in plain sight.



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                            Here’s a couple shots of one I stripped and aged into an old barn find


                            • dge467
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                              That's too cool! Love to see the track too.

                            • Vintage 1/24
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                              Yes - would like to see more this.

                            • Dundee Denny
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                              Your modeling/imagine skills are A+, add my urging to share the rest of your track!