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innovative hobby supply guardrail set on ebay

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  • innovative hobby supply guardrail set on ebay

    Picked up 1 package to test it out.
    So far
    very easy to apply. Peel backing and stick to track or border edge
    Each section is 31 inches long
    3 sections are included for your $20 USD

    Sticks well, I waited overnight in case to test a full throttle blast deslotting straight into curve to see if it held and it did with flying colors.

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    Very nice. Are those real or fantasy brands on the guardrail? It never occurred to me that there could be a licensing issue using easily downloaded logos from soda, beer, and auto parts suppliers in banners like this being sold.

    I get it for complete replicas of a race car, but would Goodyear or Pirelli really care if their logo was on something like this?


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      Fake sponsors

      Copyrights are a funny thing.
      If say goodyear did not contest you using it for a toy..
      Later some company used it for something else goodyear did not like they'd file suit right?
      Well with the copyright laws you must protect your copyright each and every time or somebody can say so-and-so did it so I can to.

      Simplified explanation but that's how strange laws are.

      So you can contact a company, and they can let you use it free, or charge you as they see fit, or say no.