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  • Scalextric Cuda review

    Oooooo.... Barracuda.
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    Too easy to hit the like button on this one DK even though I had to cut and paste the link to get it to work for me.


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      Looks good Dave. Thanks for the video.
      Ayton, ON Canada


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        Ordered a 'Cuda from LEB on Monday. Hoping it ships very soon.


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          Thanks for the review Dave. Looks like a great car. Its a must have! Shame about the wheels. They look way to large diameter to me. Any chance you could measure if a Scalextric Camaro or Mustang axle/wheels will snap straight in & be the correct width?


          • Wobble
            Wobble commented
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            They say, "great minds think alike". I was pondering the Scalex Camaro wheel/axle swap also.

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          Thanks for the speedy review Dave!!!

          When several of us get together for T/A "trading plastic" it's a bring stock event.

          The 48 SCX (42-R??? motor) never could challenge the Scalextric machinery, but sure looked great on the track with the others!!!

          The 77 Posey from Scalextric came out and could take the podium which was great and added variety to the field.

          American Motor entries not so much with the in-line, but again added "eye candy"

          Will be interesting if the new Scalextric #48 can get a few podiums.

          Dundee Denny


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            Great review Dave, thanks. I found the comments on the hood number interesting so as a race car lettered by trade I had to google pics to see what was up. Not many pictures of the stripeless hood show up but the ones that did had the number in the middle as you say they should, except one. That one was a die cast model! So, someone at Hornsby must have seen the die cast model and thought it was correct. Or maybe somewhere is a one weekend photo of it with a quickly applied number in the wrong spot, could have happened.
            Can’t wait for mine to arrive in my mailbox.


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              thank you
              ordered mine, and a sticker pack to make the #42


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                Regarding Denny's comments above (post #7) - I had similar opinions about the Trans Am cars mentioned, but then experience changed things. My #42 SCX 'Cuda was slow relative to it's Scalextric and Pioneer Trans Am peers. Then while running a solo proxy series of races it won that last 3 races and claimed the championship. I rechecked all of the individual lap times looking for an errors, but there were none. Turns out that due to its wider stance it could be driven harder through corners than I'd dare do before running that many laps with it. Since then once I adjust to driving it as it can be driven it does very well, definitely a consistent contender.

                I also have both of the Scalextric 'Sublime' green Challengers, #77 & #76. They are identical inside and out with the #76 having been released several years after the #77. Both have been outfitted with PG tires (as all my Trans Am cars are) and the #76 is flat out faster and handles better. I asked DK if Scalextric might have upgraded the motor over the years and was told "no". I never thought the difference was due to R&D (that NEVER happens DK assured me), but thought a natural evolution in the motor supply might be responsible. Best I can guess is the difference is simply due to the natural variability in parts. Same is true of the 4 Scalextric Cougars and 4 Scalextric Javelins I have - (2 fast & 2 slow) in each grouping.

                Other cars in my collection also perform differently than their reputation on HRW would suggest. That I attribute to the specifics of my track (57.5' routed road course) and my driving style as I tend to be cautious. I can often 'push' my cars and still record 100+ lap times without a deslot, so perhaps my definition of 'pushing' a car to get the most out of it isn't what it'd be for others. My rationale is in 1:1 racing cars typically can't crash and still win so staying on the track is a priority.

                Of course, there have been a few exceptions.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Indy spin and win Sullivan.jpg
Views:	478
Size:	154.1 KB
ID:	126268

                Danny Sullivan at Indy 500 in 1985.


                • slothead
                  slothead commented
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                  I've seen top dogs 'spin & win' at short track races when they were the class of the field, but what Mr. Sullivan did was truly remarkable. Drifting is not recommended at those speeds.

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                wheel swap from a camaro

                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0652.jpg
Views:	386
Size:	290.5 KB
ID:	127018


                • dge467
                  dge467 commented
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                  Looks much better! I am planning to do the same. Did the complete axles snap in?

                • williamg
                  williamg commented
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                  front doesn't snap in, rear does.
                  The front you must pull off the axle and press back on

                • Ragtopman
                  Ragtopman commented
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                  Looks way better with those wheels. Got mine yesterday and will have to work on it a bit. Not the best but has potential…..

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                DK discussed the wheels but what I need to know is what aftermarket tires will fit it? My choice is PG or XPG, but what size does it take?


                • williamg
                  williamg commented
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                  wheels are same as the javelin
                  The stock tires are larger than the regular trans am tires and wheels

                • slothead
                  slothead commented
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                  Thanks for the reply. I have some XPG-21105 that I was able to get on the Cuda and it runs well. Since I have 4 Javelins I must have some of the XPG/PGT-21125 tires recommended for them by the PG tire selector, but I'm set for now.

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                Just did some fitment trials with Slot Car Corner and the PGT-21105LM is a better fit on the slightly oversize hubs on the Cuda... f.y.i....
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                  Excellent review DK
                  TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
                  Warren, Ohio


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                    Is it just me or did they get to the rear of the car and just say that's close enough???? ship it no body will notice we put no effort in the back side... rest of the car looks great, that back side just looks should I say it toyish.
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                      Got my Scaley Cuda today. Comparisons between it and the SCX and Scaley Challenger. The Scaley Cuda has new front wheels and tires. The tires are larger than the ones on the Scaley Challenger. They should have used Minilites. This makes the Scaley front-end higher than the SCX's. The paint on the Scaley is also a lighter blue vs a more purplish blue on the SCX. Size wise they are about the same.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Scaley vs SCX Cuda.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.7 KB ID:	127583
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Scaley vs SCX Cuda #2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	37.3 KB ID:	127584
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Scaley vs SCX Cuda #3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	84.6 KB ID:	127585
                      Arrold Martin
                      Nashville TN


                      • Ragtopman
                        Ragtopman commented
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                        Wow! SCX for the win there!🏁
                        I compared the new Scaley cuda to the newish limited release of the SCX Cudas and SCX looks waaaaayyy better. Too bad that the Scaley one is off a bit… the wheels, (front decal is a bit lame IMO) then the back end is pretty bad…oh well I am glad we got something at least??
                        It will just need some parts to make it look better and run better.
                        Thx for the pics and comparison👍🏻

                      • Dave Kennedy
                        Dave Kennedy commented
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                        There were several different colors of the AAR Cudas that Gurney/Savage raced. There was a dark release car shown to the press for promotional photos. The early season cars were lighter.
                        I had told them (Scalextric) to use the Minilights they had and they did not...