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PSA - Slot.It Nissan GT-R

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  • PSA - Slot.It Nissan GT-R

    Just got mine today and there's something to be aware of (at least on mine...). The holes on the rear deck for the wing - they're there in spirit but you need to fully open them up in order to fully seat the wing. The plastic is thin and easy to pierce - just be careful.

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    Their are a lot of things wrong with this car, but once you iron out the issues the car is pretty nice. I've decided to keep this car stock and not throw any money at it I only changed out the rear tires for silicon tires. It's my hope to race this car against other stock Sideways GT's.
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      Received mine earlier this week and it is a beautiful body shell. Like mentioned above I must question quality control. My comments include sidewinder crown gear was reversed and only half of crown gear meshed with pinion. Wing mount holes as previously noted. Some hot melt glue points were missed and/or too much heat applied. Front axle with grub screws need to be added (they are included) and adjusted - Maurizio has done a video on this that is very good tutorial. My one key issue is rear axle/rear bushing created an out of round rear wheel delivery. Changed wheels and tires and rumble persisted. Axle changed and rumble still persisted. Upon close inspection of left rear bushing, it literally fell out when replacing axle assembly. Replaced pod and car ran very smoothly. So with a little tinkering and a few dollars for a new pod it runs very well and is a sharp looking Nissan. Good luck and enjoy


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        This link is for Maurizio’s video on correcting factory errors on the cars shipped to the US.
        Mike V.
        Western North Carolina


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          Originally posted by Mickey thumbs View Post
          This link is for Maurizio’s video on correcting factory errors on the cars shipped to the US.
          Funny, mine came with the set screws in, no washers. Anyway, overall, the car's rather spiffing looking, goes quite well, and the wing is staying on.