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SRC classic F1 car #23 Lucky Strike

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  • SRC classic F1 car #23 Lucky Strike

    Dave K did a vid of a SRC recently

    Even though these are $100 cars I had to see one in person and try it.
    Boy, vid and pictures do not do them justice. WOW! Detals are incredible.

    Fresh out of the case, (with a braid tweak) and it runs perfect. Small centered magnet gives just a bit of downforce on my policar track, but still enough to slide the rear without sudden deslot and launching to the sky.
    I will have to get another, hopefully they make a few more liverys as they are hard to find. (Overseas yes, but even more $$)

    Front steering with the guide works well for eye candy, performance who knows. Fragile, most likely. Not for kiddies.

    Smooth, quiet. No hopping or tire wobble. Very nice running car fresh out of case without having to spend money tweaking it. Fast too. Slids just enough to be fun, yet keep control.

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    Totally agree with your thoughts on this beautiful car from SRC...

    Click image for larger version

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      IMHO as the proud owner of the #7 Denny Hulme car that I won as a door prize @ TT 2 in Edmonton, that as awesome looking as these cars are they are even better runners. With a rear tire true and about 4gr. weight mine is glued to the track. Just a pure joy to own and drive.


      Randy C
      Grindrod B.C.


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        I've the Denny Hulme version as well and will be running it in the upcoming 70s series with our club but I'll have to do something about increasing the guide sweep.