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  • Pioneer Legends Review Videos

    Ok, here are my videos of this cool little car.

    And here is TIRE TALK. I am long winded.....AGAIN.

    And the final road test and final thoughts.


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    Very nice photography and review Harry. My oval is made from 1/4" Masonite (hardboard) and is intentionally very slick. Generally speaking cars with stock rubber tires are undrivable on it so I automatically upgrade to silicone which have been used on the track for nearly 15 years and have 'rubbered' in the surface. PG's are my preferred tire on the mdf road course, but they do not work as well as silicone on the slick oval.

    As noted in a prior post I tried the Quick Slicks SC02 tires on one of the Legend cars and it hooked up nicely but the rear tires were smaller than the stock front tires so I switched back to the originals. A good sanding, loosened body screws, and reduced voltage resulted in a tame car I could run many happy laps with.

    Since individual results will vary I'm curious what others will do regarding adding weight. I'm not chasing speed with these cars, just want a fun series of evenly matched cars. I have 2 Legend kits on the way from Powerhobby and am looking forward to getting them put together to be on par with the RTR cars.

    The Legends will definitely get my vote for HRW Car of the Year, and with this release following up the new Charger street rods Pioneer has earned my vote for slot car manufacturer of the year.


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      As always a great review Harry!
      These really are very cool cars.



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        Thank you guys, appreciate it.

        Chasing speed....guilty as charged I suppose. Perhaps more overall performance. I want a smooth drive and like to push a model sometimes to see how far I can go. With mostly stock components first, then onto a few mods.

        I will be changing the guide this morning and adding some lead here and there. Might investigate the rear bushings a little more. While doing the guide, I will snug up these front bushings and address the side to side freeplay.

        As smooth as they run now, my goal is to keep the running gear. Yet, sometimes I cannot help myself

        My track has been rubbered in with just about everything. From foams to rubber and everything in between. PAULS blend is just that “sweet spot” out here. Quick Slicks grip well, almost too well for my oval action taste. I want a little drift.

        So like most do, I just use what suits my taste.


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          Great videos Harry! I haven't had an opportunity to get mine up to the track yet - but VERY happy to have them in hand!
          Should make for a lot of fun this winter!


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            Nice video, Harry!

            Really cool cars!


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              great vvideos
              Answered all my questions, thank you


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                Great review as always Harry. Thanks for the informative review.

                Jules, you’ve hit a home run.......congratulations. Perseverance and patience pays off!


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                  Great review.


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                    Thanks Harry, great review and takes some of the guess work out of it for me.


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                      Front axle modification



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                        Without the human desire/need to chase speed, racing, full size or scale, wouldn't exist. HRW wouldn't be the valuable resource it is without tuning tips and banter, all about getting our cars to go faster and perform better.

                        My approach to the Legends is to see what their stock performance is, then tweek that just enough to be able to turn in consistent lap times over 30 - 70 lap trials. Fast enough to require skill to drive, smooth enough to be able to run many laps at speed without deslots.

                        Even identical RTR cars will have individual characteristics. I tend to devote my time to the slower ones to close the gap between 1st and last place qualifiers. As a solo racer who simulates races using recorded lap times it's the thrill of a close finish that keeps me engaged. Just like in full size racing the cost of an accident pretty much ensures finishing in the back of the pack, so smoothness and drivability is most important for my purposes.

                        For the drivers looking forward to club racing or proxies, smoothness at the fastest speed possible is the whole purpose. The sharing of tuning tips is why these threads will remain so popular.


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                          Here is the "easy" approach for the guide freeplay issue.



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                            FYI - the 2 Legend white kits I ordered from Powerhobby last week arrived on Saturday, but I didn't see the box on our porch till this morning. The box says '5 hours from box to track' so more work ahead of me than I expected - it's a complete build and not just upainted bodies ready to decorate and place on assembled chassis.

                            Biggest challenge for me now is to clean off my workbench so I have a place for the assembly without loosing some of the tiny bits. Can't do it in the house 'cause we have a kitten rescued from a barn that gets into everything. Given half a chance she'd eat the pinion gear and screws and I'd have to wait a few days then recover them from the litter box. Yes, this has happened with other cats of ours and tiny objects.

                            Spent the morning looking at online photos of sportsman modified cars from the 70's that I remember watching to come up with cars and drivers to make tribute liveries for. Forty years later I was able to recall most of the driver's names from looking at a photo of their car. Some of the cars and drivers who never came close to winning anything are the most beloved and will be honored by being listed as driver of a Legend tribute car.
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                              Mine will be arriving at my house tomorrow but I won't get to see them till Tuesday

                              But, those vids are AWESOME Harry and thank you very much for taking the time to put those together!! Whether they help some one or not, they are out there for further reference for all to enjoy!!!!
                              TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
                              Warren, Ohio