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  • NSR P68 Martini

    Not a new car but had to have it anyway...


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    That really is a looker. I can't use the speed of an NSR (looks silly to me), so I have to re-motor them, so I seldom buy them... but that really is a looker. There have been other NSR's and Slot.its that I bought just to get the body. Some day I'll sell off all the ridiculous fast motors I have removed.


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      Enjoyed your review as always. NSR cars are really hard to beat. They are well worth the price of admission in my mind. The P68’s are real lookers for sure!


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        The early NSR's came with a 20K Shark motor, they were orange. I have two NSR P68's, and a few other NSR's with this motor. In my absence from slot cars they switched to the purple 21.5 K motor.
        Click image for larger version

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          I have a couple of P68s. An NSR which is always fast and smooth, and a Racer, well mostly Racer. I didn't want to spend over 200 bucks on a slot car so I bought a body and chassis for around 40 bucks and built it out of the junk box/parts bin. It runs great but with that heavy resin body it is nowhere as nimble as the NSR. Click image for larger version

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            Throw a 22.5 or 25k ball bearing motor and smile like crazy. We should do a “low budget” Racer Proxy with a price cap. I built my Ferrari 412 for 125.00 if I need to price all parts, that includes the Samson Classic Chassis. The 250LM I built for 90.00 the blue ball bearing motor was the most expensive piece. I should’ve kept that car.
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          That's OK, it looks great.


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            Was going to ask about the new motor pod / 21k motor combo vs the old pods and 20k motors ?

            With the older cars we were thinking a 22k motor was a bit too much for the chassis. Keen to hear about the new motor pod setup ?


            • Brumos RSR
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              When set up properly, 22k is possibly the sweet spot for the NSR Classics, regardless of pod. The most important piece is the EVO chassis for your older NSR cars. I have old pods with 22k motors and new pods also. The difference is how the bushings mount and holes to finally screw in motors. Most of my cars have been converted to the new pod except my 917 Proxy car that’s been waiting for a new proxy for a few years.
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