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    Want to let you folks know…if you are looking for a spec motor for your clubs or replacements for your 18k motors…look no further.
    The Predator Motors are a fine replacement or upgrade. They are very consistent with just the right punch and speed for whatever application you may want/need them for. We ran them this past week in our Fly Classics Enduro. With all the break in, practice and the race, we figure upwards of 4000 laps were put on them. They held up well, and will be outfitting more cars with them going forward. Try them and see for yourself! Cloverleaf Racing & Slot Car Corner have them in stock.

    Click image for larger version

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    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA

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    I've got 6 of the 22,500 rpm ones in cars and they run great, good power curve, good brakes, fast, easy to control.
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      Agree with Scott and Butch. These Predators are fine motors. The 25,000 rpm version is rated at 167 g*cm torque while the 22,500 rpm ball bearing motor is rated at 174 g*cm torque. They both subjectively have a smooth power band. I tested three of the 22.5 K ball bearing motors after a break in procedure and at 12 V and no load they all spun up to ~25,000 rpm.

      I noted that Alwyn, and a couple others, are running the 22.5 K ball bearing motors in the current Can Am proxy. That’s quite a silent endorsement.
      Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


      • arroldn
        arroldn commented
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        I'm I going to be out motored in that proxy? Time will tell.

      • SuperSlab
        SuperSlab commented
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        Arrold, I do not think so at all. In neither testing nor running Round 0 of the Can-Am proxy did I find a significant power difference between the stock Thunderslot motor and the Predator 22.5 ball bearing motor. The one thing that the Predator motor has going for it is price ($12 vs. $16.50 for the Thunderslot motor from one shop). I think it is brilliant in terms of value for money. This is now my favourite aftermarket replacement/scratch build motor. I had long lamented the demise of the 20K Scaleauto SC0020 "Blue" ball bearing FC130 motor. Robert Livingstone tested that one at 23,750RPM and torque. I thought that was one of the best ever short can motors. The Predator is a great successor to that motor, which is high praise to my mind.

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      I ran in Scott Kulp's enduro this weekend. Between practice and race, I did at least 3000 laps, maybe 4000. I couldn't tell that my motor changed at all after all those laps.


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        I’ve got three of the 22 k ball bearing Predators , they run great, but the breaks are not strong enough for me. I have to set my Difalco , to full break , to fit my style.


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          Thanks for the comments guys. I have 3 of them now. Just have to decide which proxy to use them in. I was considering it for the Porsche 997 proxy but it is 500rpm to high. I'll find them a home somewhere. Maybe next years Forums Cup COT division or where the limit is 23K.
          Arrold Martin
          Nashville TN


          • Brumos RSR
            Brumos RSR commented
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            My COT car is running one. It’s not the best example of what the motor is capable of as my tires are not glued or trued and I’m still learning how to set up these big cars. But it appears, it can haul around a 100plus gram car just fine.
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          Thank you for the feedback everyone.

          email: [email protected] phone: 603.753.6263


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            have one in a Porsche 962 inline, beautiful smooth motor with nice power, testing one in my Audi R8 GT3 car, so far so good ( SW 11/33 gearing). A couple of other club guys have them in various car setups, thumbs up from all


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              I'm running one in my COT car also and it is great very good out of the corners. Great on road course


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                Love the Predator motors! I have used many 18k in my Carrera and some Scaly cars and have been using the 12.5 motor in some of my classics as well as my Crap Car class “B” proxy car. I just bought the 22.5 motor and will test soon. Great motors to say the least and great price too!👍🏻


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                  A while back while I was building my new track, Mike at Clover Leaf sent me a 25,000 rpm Predator motor to try. I didn't have a track to test it on so I just set it aside. A few days ago I decided to put it in a Group C Lancia. The 25,000 rpm Piranha motors are too torquey and fast for my track and I thought the Predator would be the same, but it wasn't. "I LIKE IT" Really good power curve, great acceleration without over powering the car, good brakes, easy to control. It's one of my fastest cars. I'm going to buy some more 25,000 rpm Predators.
                  Butch Dunaway
                  Oxford, Ohio