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trying my hand at building HO.

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  • trying my hand at building HO.

    This will be a Figure 8 55 Chevy, but I'm just testing out some stuff before I get serious.

    I cast the body in clear resin (first pull thats why it's cloudy) and am making rims out of brass tube as well as the frame the real cars had. Still need to do a bunch of detailing like the radiator, hood pins and more denting, etc.

    The tire is my first pull in silicone from an Ultracal mold, I'm happy with them.

    It's an AW chassis, but vintage T-jets and JAG chassis fit as well.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0020.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.33 MB ID:	94414

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    Figure-8s are great - to this day - when Islip Speedway gets mentioned, people remember the ABC Wide World Of Sports Figure-8 and Demo Derby World Championships!

    Like the way you integrated the brass crash bar work into the build.



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      I remember seeing figure 8 racing at Riverside Park Speedway in Agawam MA, in the 60's....I was just a kid. I couldn't believe what I was seeing...LUVED it!...I hope you post progress pics!

      "OLD PEOPLE NEVER MAKE MISTAKES"...We just spend the rest of our lives paying for the ones we've made when we were younger..


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        I went to Riverhead Raceway last Saturday, April 17th, to watch some practice laps for an hour or two - free to spectators - I just wanted to get the vibe, because I have done nothing regarding car shows, and auto races, and events of any kind really, in the last year.

        To my surprise a driver was running a '57 Chevy in the figure 8 division - this year - in 2021. It is lower and uses the modern chassis set up and wider tires, but it is still a '57 Chevy shell. This wasn't a vintage car or a special old-time division - this is what the driver will be racing in the regular figure-8 class this year - still unlettered, but ready to turn laps again.

        Another thing was - the "Riverhead Raceway" track had painted the main straight wall to read "Islip, U.S.A." in honor of the now long gone "Islip Speedway" - they had run a tribute race event last fall and I guess it was still up.

        Anyway - I have one bad picture of it all:

        Click image for larger version

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        '57 Chevy Figure-8 turning actual competition laps at "Islip" - and it was 2021.

        For a moment all was right with the world.



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          That Chevy is fantastic. I bet theres a lot of tough miles on that old body.


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            how big is Riverhead, 1/4 mile?


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              Yes, a 1/4 mile. The shortest track on the Modified Tour - I think the only 1/4 mile track on the Mod Tour this year.

              There is something great about the short tracks - sitting between turn 1 and 2 you can see the entire show at a glance - hard to miss any action.