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Lionel three lane slot car track

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  • Lionel three lane slot car track

    For a year or more a seller on eBay has been listing/selling, one section at a time, a number of straight sections of Lionel 3 lane HO track. I’ve never run across it other than in his listings. Anybody here know of it? Know of any complete layouts?

    I’ve always been intrigued by 3 lane plastic track. I’ve owned a lot of the 1/32 scale Strombecker 3 lane track, and currently own quite a bit of the Scalextric 1/24 scale 3 lane stuff. I believe a Japanese company back in the day did some 1/32 scale 3 lane sets.
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    Update: I was indeed able to find a picture of an entire set.
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      For your reference I have a 1966 Lionel catalog and took a look, there are no 3-lane HO sets or track sections shown inside.
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        A new one to me Todd. All I've ever seen are the Scalex and Strom you have had.
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          Check out those hairy chicanes!


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            Really, the lane changer tracks are wild!


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              I had to think about it, but yes, 3 lane change sections would be needed for each car to have it's own path. With enough track you could make a layout with equal lane lengths where each car was on the inside, middle, and outside on an equal number of turns. But, the track would need to be big to give cars time to plan and complete passes and not have a crashfest at every crossover section. Of course, crashing is what some folks like most about slot car racing.

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            Atlas had an HO Indy oval (rectangle) four laner plan in their big layout manual, the one with the red cover. It combined 9" straight 2 lane crossovers and single lane 9" straights to make a perfectly equal lap length track. The cars would travel from the inside lane to the outside lane every lap, it was so cool. I know I have that book in a plastic bag, squirreled away with all my other vintage set manuals and such. Haven't found that box in the past 20 years or so, but I know it's in the basement!
            The track plan was so ingenious, and I've always wanted to try assembling one with just slightly longer straightaways (as was mentioned earlier) to get a bit more racing in before the hectic lane changers.
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