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Anyone using Lap Traxs?

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  • Anyone using Lap Traxs?

    I'm going to download it to my iPad & give it a try. Anyone using this, and, if so, any advice/tips you can give someone? I have a 2 lane AFX track.

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    I had never heard of Lap Trax, the site does not say if it works with Android or Apple devices, but it is camera based. The program can only be used with one car at a time unless the cars are painted specific colors, in which case it can do as many as four cars at once. There are other apps that lets you designate zones that the camera sees and any car that passes through a zone will be counted.


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      Loaded Lap Trax V2.41 on my Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android) smart phone.

      Run a single car primarily but understand multiples can be motion detected/scanned. Numerical display of time and laps fills my 5" horizontal screen and female vocal is loud and clear. Relatively intuitive to set up.

      Race setting options include,

      - countdown, number of seconds
      - start/end: horn and buzzer
      - enable announcer
      - gate lights
      - false start
      - final lap bell
      - race summary

      Drains battery power quickly but may be more of a reflection of my 8 year old smart phone's battery condition/capacity.

      Free download is good too.

      Works well for me.


      P. S. - Should clarify my scale application is for 1/32.

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