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Silicone VS Urethane HO Tires

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  • Silicone VS Urethane HO Tires

    During a recent conversation I was asked if anyone raced HO cars on urethane tires. I said that I was not aware of any group that used urethane tires on their HO cars, but that they were popular with 1/32nd cars. I said that I would post the question on a number of slot racing bulletin boards, so here we are.
    By racing in this case I am referring to formal club style events, rather than the sort of casual running that might be done by yourself or with friends.
    I have done a lot of testing with both silicone and urethane HO tires, so I am aware of the performance of both types. I found the if silicone tires were normally run on a particular track and you switched over to urethane tires they would have good grip at first, but within just a few laps they would get coated with silicone residue and loose much of their grip. The coating would have to be washed off to restore grip. Based on that experience I would expect that a club would have to pick either one type or the other.
    So, is anyone out there racing HO cars on urethane tires?