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Broke windshield off my Dash Cobra body

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  • Broke windshield off my Dash Cobra body

    What can I use to attach my windshield back on to the body?
    I've heard super glue will fog the plastic and I don't want that.

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    E6000 if you are careful. Tacky glue if you are careful.

    Why doesn't my car run like that?



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      Yessir! Super glue should be nowhere near finished slot cars!

      Pop us a pic for show and tell Norman.

      Sight unseen, are the pegs broken? When Im finally forced to, I use clear flowable silicone, sparingly. The flowable is a bit more spendy, but it doesnt have all the lumps, turds and clods, like the cheaper stuff. I eventually resigned myself to the fact that convertible windshields need to be able to tear away, because it's gonna happen. The up shot of silicone is that it doesnt mar the finish horrendously, and when you do blow out the glass again, it picks clean with a minimum of hassle when you go to fix it .... er .... uhhhhh .... again.

      I'll re-work the fit if I have to, it isnt always optimum from the get go. I like to sneak just a bit of countersink on the underside of the body holes. Twirl it with a suitable drill bit by hand. This way you can dot in a decent little round blob that can grab onto the bit of peg that sits in the hole. The silicone is thick enough that it wont gush through, or drool onto the painted side.

      Silicone has to cure. Preferably overnight. l usually plan ahead and crib or clamp the body so that it can sit undisturbed until the next day. I like to be able to dot in the blobs and run away!

      Good luck!
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      Thank you, guys!
      Well, not much of a picture taker, but I can tell ya how I messed it up.

      It was one of my last new Dash AFX Cobra bodies, pale yellow with silver stripes and I wanted to put an AFX chassis under it to race.
      But when I went to spread the body a little to pop the chassis into the body ( it's a tight fit ) my ham hand slipped and I instinctively squeezed.
      And that's when I felt the windshield break.
      It broke at both the little nubs that hold it into the body.

      E6000 is just like Goop or Shoe Goo, right?
      I have some in my slot garage.
      I'll give it a try tomorrow, just a dab on a tooth pick to apply?
      Yup, it'll break again after it's fixed, I'm not the best driver and go off alot, ask Austin!


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        well Norman, good news is Dan is planning re release of both tjet & afx cobras


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          Testers Clear Cement and Window Maker is my go to for gluing all clear plastic parts. I use it exclusively for all my models, car and airplane.


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            ... and THAT'S the ticket! Good stuff, I even use it in the electro-optical lab where I work.
            Fixed a few Dune Buggy windshields with it, too. Good luck -- Ernie :>)

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          Well I need to go over so we can break a few more cars, no windows needed.
          Merrimack, NH


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            Put the goop to it today, and I'll let it sit for a day as Bill suggested .

            I also ordered Testors Clear Cement as another tool for the toolbox.

            Will be watching for new Dash Cobras too.