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  • Next HO Proxy car race

    I migrated this topic from the other board.

    Ran across these rules for a possible AFX Magna traction class?

    I am assuming since it says "Aurora Magnatraction and JL or Autoworld
    X-Traction chassis" this eliminates the (Ultra G) which is all good with me...

    RULES for Magnatraction/X-Traction Class:

    The following rules are in effect for the TRACK 2019-2020 season. The rules committee
    reserves the right to change the rules in the interest of maintaining fairness.
    These rules are based on the use of original Aurora Magnatraction and JL or Autoworld
    X-Traction chassis. All parts must be specifically manufactured for the Aurora
    Magnatraction and JL or Autoworld X-Traction. One of a kind, custom made or home
    made parts are not permitted.
    Before each driver has qualified for a starting position, his or her car will be visually
    inspected for compliance to the rules. The width, weight, body specifications, pick-up
    shoes, etc. will be visually checked. The top 3 finishers will have their cars disassembled
    at the end of the racing session for final inspection. Random cars from the field may be
    chosen for final inspection as well.
    Car must pass easily through a 1-5/16” tech block.
    If a racer is not sure his or her car is legal, it may be checked prior to the start of the
    races. If any driver suspects that another car may not be legal, he or she may "challenge"
    the other car at any time to verify whether or not it is legal.
    The rules committee members present will address any questions or interpretations of the
    rules and their decision will be final.
    1. Body must completely cover the chassis when viewed from above except for legal
    stock openings (i.e. windows and vents)
    2. Bodies must be of the hard shell variety. (No vacuum formed bodies)
    3. Bodies must be complete with windows, bumpers, drivers or roll bars as originally
    4. Bodies must be originally manufactured specifically for mounting to an AFX
    Magnatraction, JL or Autoworld X-Traction or Tomy chassis. The only exception thus far
    will be the Tyco pro body conversions. Resin bodies will be allowed.
    5. Bodies must be from a production run of 100 or more pieces.
    6. Side windows may be removed. Front and rear glass must remain intact.
    1. Chassis must be stock AFX Magnatraction, JL or Autoworld X-Traction.
    2. Bearings and bushings are not permitted
    3. Weights and handling pans are not permitted.
    4. Chassis cannot be cut, sanded or drilled in any way except to remove excessive mold
    sprue or to loosen a tight shaft hole.
    5. Pick up shoes and springs must be stock Magnatraction or JL/Autoworld parts or aftermarket replacements. Pick up shoes can be silver ski shoe replacements.
    6. Pick up shoes may be bent to allow better surface contact with the rails or to restrict
    7. Pick up shoes cannot be weighted.
    8. Shunt wires, "tiger tails" or other soldering is not permitted.
    9. Guide pins must be original design, black or gray plastic or steel Tomy guide pins.
    10. Gear plate clamp may be bent or dimpled but may not be cut.
    11. Car must pass easily thru a 1-5/16 tech block.
    1. Magnets must be stock Magnatraction or JL/Autoworld as originally manufactured.
    2. Magnets may be shimmed, however chassis cannot be cut to allow repositioning of
    3. Magnets may not be sanded or cut.
    4. Magnets may be matched.
    1. Stock AFX M/T Gold wire with red ends is the only Aurora armature allowed.
    2. JL/Autoworld stock 3-lam X-Traction armatures may also be used.
    2. Armatures may not be balanced.
    3. Armatures may not be rewound or de-wound.
    4. Arms must measure between 13.8 and 16.5 ohms between poles.
    1. Any.
    2. Motor brushes must be used. Springs may not be used in place of brushes.
    1. Armature pinion, idler gear and driven gear must be stock Magnatraction or XTraction.
    2. Gears may be soldered or glued to their respective shafts.
    3. Gears may be lapped and polished.
    4. Gears may not be drilled or lightened in any form.
    5. Gears may not be beveled.
    5. Shimming crown gear is not allowed.
    1. Any stock front Magnatraction or X-Traction tire is allowed. Front tires may be
    replaced with O-Rings. Only stock Magnatraction or X-Traction front rims are allowed.
    2. Spec rear tires will be provided by TRACK. Or you may supply you own They must
    be either .474”R OD W/side wall Radius Aurora AFX JL AW Magnatraction Black
    Classic Silicone Super Tire or .460”R OD W/side wall Radius Aurora AFX JL AW
    Magnatraction Black Classic Silicone Super Tire
    3. Only stock AFX MT, Tomy or Autoworld X-Traction rear axles are allowed.
    4. All four tires must touch the track.
    5. Rear hubs must be stock Magnatraction, X-Traction or approved reproduction. Double
    flanged hubs are NOT allowed.
    6. Plastic spacers may be used only on the outside of the chassis.
    1. Any controller is permitted (see #3 for exceptions).
    2. Tracks are not wired for brakes requiring a two-wire hook up only.
    3. Electronic or digital controllers that store power after track power is turned off are not
    1. JL X-Traction chassis may be substituted for Magnatraction chassis. All the same
    rules apply and parts may be interchanged between the two.

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    That should make for an interesting potential proxy.
    I suggest, to tighten up the field, you may want to restrict it to JL / AW chassis only (the Aurora chassis typically has tighter tolerances and seems to have a general advantage when we have run mixed here locally)
    I also notice nothing about not lightening / lowering the body, etc - may also want to consider restricting this to keep racing closer?
    Definitely a wide variety of bodies out there for these chassis making it pretty much wide open as to a theme for the proxy!


    • #3
      Agreed Todd, just throwing it out there, not sure if there is interest in mags but IB/IN


      • #4
        Thinking two classes one car each class.

        1. T-Jets NonMagnets

        AFX Magna traction class
        Merrimack, NH


        • #5
          Sounds like a plan. Body style for TJets?

          Body style for Magna Traction class?

          Why doesn't my car run like that?



          • #6
            Sounds like something even I could do!

            "OLD PEOPLE NEVER MAKE MISTAKES"...We just spend the rest of our lives paying for the ones we've made when we were younger..


            • #7
              T-Jet class could be the same as last year, the Ohio rules for the Auto World chassis with Trans Am bodies.

              The X Traction chassis would be a good choice for the AFX class, as Todd said they would be closely matched.

              As for a theme maybe a Ford vs. Chevy vs. Mopar?
              Mustangs vs. Camaros vs. Road Runners?
              Or how about older NASCARS?
              Just some ideas.

              I'd love to host a race here again too!


              • #8
                T-Jet class could be the same as last year, the Ohio rules for the Auto World chassis with Trans Am bodies.

                I am working on these rules today

                There will be a
                X Traction chassis muscle car class something like the rules posted by
                Ky. Slot Racer Ky. Slot Racer

                Merrimack, NH


                • #9
                  Looking forward to seeing the rules / class requirement update on the X-tractions. I like the idea of limiting to only those as those are readily available to everyone "new" verses having to hunt for NOS or nice condition used Aurora chassis.
                  Last year with the T-jets was a blast - looking forward to this kicking off again for another run!


                  • #10
                    Auto World X Traction cars can be purchased for around 20 bucks or so and would make a nice starting point for the class.
                    That would make for some close racing .
                    Allow slip on silicone rear tires.

                    Where is Donny?
                    He must really be enjoying retirement!


                    • #11
                      I would like to be able to change the rear wheels, possibly the fronts, just to smooth out the chassis a bit if we are limited to the AW chassis only. But I`m in either way for the fun of it.