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Oval snowmobile racing idea.

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  • Oval snowmobile racing idea.

    An idea. Last night I saw an old Aurora snowmobile racing set from the 70's. It got me thinking about doing a layout that replicated the oval track in Eagle River WI, where they run a big race every year, the "World Championship Snowmobile Derby". The sleds sort of look like F1 cars. I'm thinking of using a Mega G+ chassis, and then fabricating a body w/driver to slide over it. The class is called "Champ" or "Champ 440". Not sure exactly what scale that might work out to be. The rear tires would be hidden by the faux tracks, the snowmobile would be low enough that I think the fronts would be hidden within the "hood". I'd also like to tinker w/the "skis" being a single unit w/the guide slide, so that if the rear end hung out, the skis would still be "counter steering" Not sure if any of this would work. LOL, just a crazy outside the box idea. Of course, they'd be raced on white track. Any thoughts or ideas anyone might have would be appreciated.
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    Love the idea just what I need another idea rolling around in my head
    Peterborough Ont


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      Always like unusual ideas - and using different scales within scale. Like the 1/24 scale go kart that is really an HO chassis.

      Also good to replicate something niche - like local snowmobile race vehicles.

      And - they are “ in season” - go for it!



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        Playing with this a bit today, I'm running into a couple of problems. Mainly proportion. The sleds are skinny in the back, and wide in the front. I don't want to get into changing out axels and wheels and get into weird printed specialty chassis. I want to try & make this work using a standard Mega G+. I might be able to "cheat" the proportions & hide the bulge of the rear tires by disguising it w/some sort of mechanical or aero part on the rear half of the sled. Another problem is I can't go any wider than a standard Mega G body, because otherwise the sleds would be unable to pass. I'm thinking perhaps vacuform, so that the sleds are not to top heavy. Thoughts?

        Here's a standard Mega G+, a paper cut out of a race snowmobile, and how the snowmobile might scale to the chassis.


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          I am not an HO guy - but what is almost irresistible here, is to use the pickup shoes as the skis of the vehicle, with no front axle at all. Maybe push the driver back as possible?



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            From a logical view that's a good idea, but running HO cars with no front wheels just kills the pickup shoes, especially on an inline chassis like the AFX Mega G+ that has Neodymium downforce magnets. Pickup shoes are also just too expensive to be burning them up like that. Maybe if a small piece of braid (like the type we use on some of the HO drag cars) were tacked onto the shoes you could possibly get away with it. Perhaps an old Aurora Thunderjet 500 snowmobile body could be used, at least as a prototype or to make a mold from. I know where you're coming from though, the same thing crossed my mind when I first read this. Maybe we know someone who's good with 3D printing slot car parts? (Hint, hint!) :>) -- Ernie :>)

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          Click image for larger version

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          These are diecast sold at the rainforest place that starts with A

          Says 6 inches long and 2 inches wide.
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          Why doesn't my car run like that?



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            Check this site.....

            "OLD PEOPLE NEVER MAKE MISTAKES"...We just spend the rest of our lives paying for the ones we've made when we were younger..


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              Very nice.