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    Has anyone had issues with the Auto World Indy Car motors freezing up all of a sudden? Cars had never been run and after a few laps they ran into issues. Have had it happen on 3 of 6 cars.

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    Contact Auto World , they will make it right.
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      That is an issue that has been around since the AW Super III cars came out, I was hoping that the problem had been fixed by now. Possibly your cars are actually early examples. There are two possibilities, first the armature shaft bearings may not be fully seated in the chassis causing a bind. I have heard that the cars might have armature shaft bearings that were not drilled with the correct size. Unless you have the correct drill bit or reamer handy you would not be able to fix that by yourself except possibly by substituting bearings for another make of car. Wizzard bearings would probably work, for example. AW customer service is pretty good, you could contact them with your problem.