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  • Ho Scale Timing System

    I am working on my new HO track setup this weekend what would be a good timing system to use? Click image for larger version

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    Jeff Fitzpatrick
    Troy, New York

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    Well I like Trakmate. It's certainly not a cheaper option. But it just works. Forever it seems. Mine are close to 10 years.


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      Trackmate is probably the most popular computer based system, it is used by many clubs, including the two that I race with. Ultimate Racer, Race Coordinator and SlotTrak are shareware programs that work with the Trackmate hardware.
      Here is an overview that includes most of the available computer based and stand alone systems.

      If you only want to time or count laps there are smartphone and webcam apps.
      If you do not go with Trackmate you will have to use DIY sensors and also use something like an Arduino board as an interface with your computer, unless it is an old one with serial and printer ports.


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        Fitzy, trying to get together with you about this weekend in Poughkeepsie.
        Please call my cell ASAP. Thanks -- Ernie :>)


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          I have used both Trakmate and Slottrak. They both use a Trakmate card to interface with the Infrared Photocells. My preference is Slottrak using its "Race to the Line" option. The Race to the Line feature requires individual lane control which requires the addition of a Phidget 0/0/4 relay card.


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            I finally got to spend some time wiring my HO track today first time i have hard wired a track with power taps I can't believe how much more control with these cars it's so smooth should be able to finish up next weekend I decided on the TrackMate timing system I'm making some billboards for the walls and have a bunch of HO scale trees to put on can't wait to finish up next it will be the wooden oval.

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            Jeff Fitzpatrick
            Troy, New York


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              Once you get Trakmate up and running you might want to try Slottrak. Its freeware and uses the Trakmate interface. I ran both systems on my last track. At the end all I ran was Slottrak.