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    Anybody Know why the new Auto World 55 Chevy Xtraction pricing is is so high compared to the other new Xtractions in the same release. Hillbilly

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    Those cars seem to be out of stock at all of the dealers that I checked. I found some on eBay for $90, I expect that the price is high because the cars are scarce. The Nomads seem to be easier to come by. I have three of the original ones that have never been run.


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      Great question hillbilly.
      The '55s you're asking about are from the latest Auto World release, number 30?
      Doesn't make much sense that they would sell out so quickly compared to the other ones in that release.
      Maybe AW didn't make many for some reason?


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        Possibly the Covid crisis interrupted the supply chain.


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          They make the same number of cars that come in each release. Inadvertently, one or two of the cars is more popular than the rest. The Auto Work 55 Chevy has always been one of the more sought after releases.
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            There's no pic provided, but if yer talking about the flamed version, then it's running in a somewhat parallel fashion on the coat tails of the rare(r) flamed AFX 55's; more or less typical to the original trend of yore. Because an original is worth "more yadda", then the repopped clone surely must be worth "more yadda" too. Speculators logic.

            Just like everyone got spooled up about the AW's candy chrome red version way back when, and then Dash's Badman 396, etc etc etc

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              Local vendor I know is getting upwards of 60 bucks each, and is just about sold out of both the red "496" car and the blue/white flamed version. Funny thing is, if you do a side by side viewing of the Auto World '55 Bel Air body and the original Aurora A/FX '55 Bel Air, there is just no comparison. The original A/FX shape is much better looking, at least in my humble opinion. For example, look at the ride height of the AW issue and how the rear wheel well is cut way up into the quarter panel trim. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're out there for people to collect and race, but I just prefer the original A/FX shape. I have one of the red and white AW "Route 66" versions in my drag box, along with their metallic green and white "Mr. Chevy" '55 Nomad. Chrome wheels, front O rings, rear silicone tires, and Aurora original G Plus steel guide pin fitted to both X Traction chassis. I retained the Ultra G Neo traction magnet to keep it in the slot and more consistent, especially needed when bracket racing. Have FUN, and ... Enjoy! -- Ernie
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                Agreed Ernie. The AFX 55 is just straighter. Arguably one of their best!

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              I usually check my favorite sites a couple times a week, on those items that always seem to be fast movers to the high priced resale guys. I just pre order, these were $31.99 straight from AW.

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                If you know you want a new item, that's the way to insure you will get them for a good price.
                Pre order and wait for them to arrive. Smart man. Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)