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Peugeot 905 - The Auction Site is a Crazy Place

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  • Peugeot 905 - The Auction Site is a Crazy Place

    So a few days ago I bid on a Peugeot 905 on the well-known auction site. The seller had three of them listed. One Turbo chassis, one Super G + another Super G with a pit diorama. He didn't state the chassis of each car in the listings, so I put in a reasonable bid on the Super G one, thinking it might pass some people by and I'd get it for a decent price. How wrong was I? The final prices:

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    - Peugeot 905 (Turbo): €67.48
    - Peugeot 905 (Super G): €67.48
    - Peugeot 905 (Super G) + Diorama: €37.61

    Is this a rare car? Why did fewer people bid on the diorama version (which still had the same postage cost)? The auction site can be a very strange place.

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    Many years ago I listed a Peugeot on e bay and I got more for it than I anticipated. I don't remember the exact figure, but it was somewhere in the high $60s. I don't know anything about the rarity of these cars, but they seem to be popular. It's odd that the one with the diorama went for significantly less. Impulse buying, I guess. You see something you like and you place a bid on it without shopping around to see if one is available for less. I'm guilty of that. And then finding one for less immediately after placing the bid.
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      I'm convinced there's people who bid with no intention of winning, just to drive the price up for the seller. This has to be a black market job for people, I've been part of too many auctions where I've seen this happen. Bots.