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Original Aurora Model Motoring VS Re-release in blister packs VS Dash TJet chassis?

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  • Original Aurora Model Motoring VS Re-release in blister packs VS Dash TJet chassis?

    I've only got original Auroras currently. What are the pros and cons of the Original Aurora Model Motoring chassis/bodies VS Re-releases in blister packs VS Dash TJet chassis?

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    I am not certain of what you are calling Re-releases in blister packs. First off the earlier Aurora T-Jets were great cars, but by the end of the production run the tooling for the chassis had gotten a little sloppy and the armatures were not good for racing purposes at least. When Aurora stopped selling T-Jets in 1972 they were stuck with perhaps a million rolling chassis that eventually ended up in the hands of REH Distributors, who continued to sell them (often by the case) until about a year ago. After that what was still left went to SlotCarCentral, I believe.
    A company that licensed the Model Motoring trademark sold cars in blister packs. Some cars had reproductions of Aurora bodies on NOS Aurora T-Jet rolling chassis. I only have one of those cars, the body was good, the chassis was typical of late production Aurora stuff . Later Model Motoring did a reproduction T-Jet chassis, I have never seen one of those, but there was talk on the net that there were problems with the armatures that may eventually been fixed. I do know that some groups that race T-Jets do allow Model Motoring chassis.
    There have been several versions of the Dash chassis, the original ones were a little rough so they needed a bit of work to run their best. The cars used a 3 lamination 14 ohm armature that was not legal for most T-Jet racing, but later a 2 lamination 16 ohm armature became available. The second version of the Dash chassis used new tooling and I consider it to be as good as an early Aurora chassis. The latest armatures are 3 lamination 16 ohm ones that I believe are legal for most groups that race cars of this sort.
    The original Aurora, Model Motoring and Dash bodies will all interchange. Johnny Lightning/Auto World bodies will also interchange, in some cases with a little trimming.
    You did not say what you intended to do with these cars, so I tried to make my reply general.


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      Hi Slotcat,

      It's pretty simple. You have the original Aurora Model Motoring. Vibrator, and T-jet derivatives from '63 on .

      You have Model Motoring 2.0 by Harrison Woodrow. Hands down the nicest bodies ever made for H0. He did some copies of Aurora, and he did some unique models that are popular and collectible. Some cars have original Aurora chassis. Others have the MM2.0 Thunderplus chassis. Same wheel base. If memory serves the chassis and gear plate dont interchange with Aurora. At a minimum, the Thunderplus armatures should be checked with a meter. IMMEDIATELY. You dont want one to flare up and scorch the glass of a valuable limited edition model. Either Aurora, Dash, or AW armatures would make a suitable replacement for the dubious Thundeplus armature.

      Dash interchanges with both.

      Otto Whirled is a hit or miss proposition. The wheel base is just different enough to goof some things up. Some of the molds are so bad they dont fit their own stuff particularly well either ... LOL. I consider them to be on a case by case basis for body interchange.

      Otherwise any differences are subtle, and most everything interchanges save for a few quirks. Hope this helps!

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        Click image for larger version

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ID:	51874 Thanks for the in depth answers, guys! Here's a picture of the ones I was referring to:
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