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    Recently I bought an example of the new Wiz-Jet Aurora T-Jet clone and used it to build an SS type car. I took careful measurements of the new chassis and compared them to an original Aurora chassis, they were very nearly identical except that the Wiz-Jet was 0.3g heavier. In a fit of ambition I also painted up a 9 Fingers Ferrari F430 fray style body and a JL/AW 70 Camaro TransAm body.

    I used the same parts as the ones in my best Aurora SS car except that I only had the latest version of the Anchor front end with a tungsten axle and aluminum wheels. Today I ran the car with the Camaro body and quickly got just under 5.5 seconds, which is a tic faster than an Aurora or Dash car with the same body, so things are looking up.
    The car handles like a dream, but is lacking in top speed on my 4X16 50 foot long MaxTrax road course. When I get around to it I will swap in an armature from a car with more top speed, if the lap times go down I will have to find a good worked up armature for the car.
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    Nice to see the new chassis already being pressed into service! (with encouraging results!)


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      Agreed with TuscoTodd, very promising!


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        It'll be interesting to see what you can get out of the WizJet!


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          Got me some of them Wiz-Jet Chassis, will be buying a lot more

          Click image for larger version

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          Merrimack, NH


          • noddaz
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            Is that a Dash body?

          • Austin
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            Yes it is a Dash body, Very nice fit and low