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Wiring alternative power supply into AFX Tomy power connector plug

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  • Wiring alternative power supply into AFX Tomy power connector plug

    Does anyone know of a good guide for wiring an alternative power supply into the AFX Tomy power track connector plug so I can plug it into the standard power track? I'm still a floor racer for now and for that purpose this seems like a simpler method of introducing an improved power supply than wiring directly into the track.

    HC Slots has a video on Youtube about doing something similar for Life-Like track, but doesn't get into the specifics. I was thinking of getting something like the attached picture, chopping off the male end and splicing the female end to the AFX power track connector plug. I'd then connect the male output from some kind of laptop-type power supply with variable voltage settings into the female end to power the track.

    I imagine it's probably a fairly easy task, but I'm a complete newbie at this kind of thing and just wondered if there was anything specific I should be careful of? On reflection, could I even potentially splice straight from the laptop supply into the power track connector plug and so remove the female plug stage all together?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Either of your setups would work fine, there is only positive and negative wire leads, AFX track flips the connector (reversing polarity)to switch track direction so you would lose that ability...unless you setup an intermediate adapter between power supply and track plugs to swap polarity. WIthout this adapter polarity is one way, add the little adapter harnes between and bam polarity switched.


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      Get one of those cheapie Auto World plunger controllers or power supplies and cut the cable off of that.
      Or maybe score one or two of the older small AFX controllers and do the same thing.
      Either way... easy, simple, cheap. Hope this helps you out. -- Ernie


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        Cut the wire off of the AFX power supply right at the power supply itself. Pull the wire apart 2 or three inches. Strip the ends of the wire and hook to your power supply.
        If the cars go the wrong way,flip the plug on the track.
        BTW, what kind of power supply are you using?

        Why doesn't my car run like that?



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          When removing the two conductor wire from a donor power supply or controller, I like to leave 6 - 12 inches attached so that it may still be spliced in as a replacement for a casual racer, or someone who just uses the racing set for kids.The wires are plenty long, and can easily be extended for whatever suits your purpose. Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)

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          All I have to do is read! The OP wants to use a laptop power supply. I am not sure that would be an improvement.