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Parnelli Jones Classic 2019

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  • Parnelli Jones Classic 2019

    Here is a video version of the flyer:

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    Any pictures? Any video? Anything?

    Why doesn't my car run like that?



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      The race is on the 27th, next Sunday.


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        It looks like I had better get the basement cleaned up and set up some tables so the guys will have a place to work on their cars.
        I always post podium shots from our races, I will try to take a few extra pictures as well. Videos don't work very well with HO cars, they are tiny and they move at much higher scale speeds than 1/32nd cars. It gets more difficult when there is no place to stand to get a good view of the track, but I do have these videos.

        I will have some free sample tires available on race day.


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          Are there loaner cars available. Are these like Tyco Pro's.....


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            Loaner cars and controllers are always available. I hate loaning out a car, then getting beat with it! I just checked out the chassis for the IROC VW buses, those are T-Dash cars that we have run several times before. The cars will stay with their own lanes and the drivers will rotate, so each driver will run the same combination of cars and lanes. Another club member is supplying the bodies, so I have not had a chance to see how the body/chassis combination will run. The chassis are in a T-Jet SS lite configuration with Wizzard weighted front ends and with Pro Series slip-on silicone tires.


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              The track is ready and tables and chairs have been set up. A package arrived today with some free samples of the latest Pro Series tires that will be distributed before the race. Anyone that needs to take a nap during the proceedings can use the couch upstairs.


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                IROC VW Buses

                ASRL Trans-Am podium

                Spec Stock podium