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  • Sparky 1/64

    A friend pointed this line out to me as a possible vehicle for the landscape. They have a number of Porsche GT3s and Bentley Continentals. Some of the cars are from the Weathertech series.
    Sparky is made by Spark models. Spark makes many 1/43 and 1/18 cars in resin, so I’ve been wondering if the 1/64 cars are resin or die cast. I posed the question to seller Replicarz and got an “I don’t know”.
    Is anyone out there familiar with the line or know the definite answer to the resin/die cast question?

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    I found a bunch on Ebay. Die cast. Look really nice! @ 10 bucks plus shipping.


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      I did a Google search and found the site, "Sparky" is the line of 1/64th cars.
      Resin molding is not suitable if you want to make a lot of cars, so I expect that they are diecast. There is a link on the site, so you could e-mail a question.


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        Search Ebay under "Sparky 1/64". Pops right up. "Diecast" appears in the description of material.


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          I don’t place 100% surety in the descriptions. A number of resin models also say “die cast” in the description.
          One YouTube review showed the chassis of the car. It looked like the body was peened on like Hot Wheels or Racing Champion cars.
          I’m going to order some for scenery items. I’ll be able to check out material and also wheelbase to see if it matches any HO chassis.


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            A lot of resin bodies are pops of diecast bodies, that may add to the confusion. Most people would not want to use a diecast body on a slot car because they are more heavy, however some people like to put them on a 4 gear Aurora or Auto World chassis.