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Where to find replacement Tyco tires?

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  • Where to find replacement Tyco tires?

    Just recovered my Tyco HO stuff from the attic. Tires are all shot. Where do I get HO tyres?


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    I'd recommend replacing the stock rubber with silicone tires.
    Many places online to find them, my first choice would be Jag Hobbies.
    Good luck!


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      Absolutely. Check Joe at NJ Nostalgia Hobby for Super Tires and some other brands. The previously mentioned Jag Hobbies is a good source, as well as Viper, Harden Creek, and other HO slot suppliers. I've used all of the aforementioned many times, and am always satisfied. Don't forget to clean up the pickup shoes, and remove any lint from the axles. Lubricate with quality oil, and remember -- a little goes a long way. Run in the cars on low voltage to get everything rolling freely again before blasting down the track wide open!
      Hope this helps you out. Happy shopping, and have FUN! -- Ernie

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    Tyco/Mattel has been out of business for some time, OEM replacement tires are still available but are likely to be well past their prime. As far as I know nobody makes aftermarket rubber tires to fit those cars. If your cars have foam tires the situation would be about the same. Silicone tires are made to fit your cars, those have good grip and last a long time.


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