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Sensors for laptimer 2000

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  • Sensors for laptimer 2000

    I was looking at my archive of H.O. information and found laptimer 2000. I have a windows 2000 computer and want to use this for an upcoming track build.

    The sensors are a part # from RadioShack which we all know is long gone.

    My question to the group is : What type of sensors and LEDs can I use to make this work?


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    I use IR LED emitters / sensors on my track but dead strip or visible light will work too. I prefer IR because it was cheap and easy from Amazon (I did a post on it on the old board) as long as you have clean power so you don't get a ripple (but that's cheap and easy too with a step down buck transformer board). My computer is XP, so you shouldn't have a problem.
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      I often notice in discussions about lap counting and timing solutions that racers have old computers that might be limiting choices. I have an ancient Compaq PC with Windows 95 connected to a dead strip on my oval, but also have several newer PC's too. They are all rebuilt ones I got at the mom & pop computer store in town. They were affordable (from $150 - $225 each) and have worked flawlessly for several years now. My point is when thinking about computers don't overlook local mom& pop stores that service them and probably sell reliable refurbished ones at reasonable prices. I also patronize them for software upgrades and peripheral devices.


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        I use IR sensors with a light bar. Works flawlessly until the bulbs get around 5 years old and start to dim. New bulbs and off you go (automotive bulbs 194s I think)
        Just about any reputable electronics store should have or can get the sensors for you
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          we have a RS in Lebanon MO. there is also a online presence.. Official Site - America's Technology Store


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            I presume that you are looking for Radio Shack part # 276-145. Radio Shack still carries some of the things that they did years ago, but the numbers have changed. I could not find any equivalent to those, in addition it is not clear to me if they are photoresistors or phototransistors.
            Laptimer 2000 is a very simple program that only counts or times laps, newer programs are more sophisticated. If you ever wanted to hold races on your track it would be better to use software that includes race management features. If your computer has a serial input you could get a Trackmate red interface unit and download some free Trackmate software that should work with any computer that is not crank operated.
            You can download the software and install it on your computer. You can run the software in trial mode without your computer being connected to a track.