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Who made this body?

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  • Who made this body?

    I have a couple of these Peugeot 905 bodies that I bought some years back and I have found that they work really well on G-Jet type cars. I would like to try to find some more but can't remember who made them. I do know (from digging in my body stash) that they are not BSRT or Thunderbolt brands.
    Anyone recognize the manufacturer?
    Click image for larger version

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    Those are MaDD Peugeot 905bis bodies. They became the master for the BSRT body and many of the 905 clone bodies out there. Lucky Bob may have some.


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      Thanks so much. I'll look for them.


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        Any correlation between MaDD bodies and Maddman?
        BTW, none at LB. Will try elsewhere.


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          I was MaDD products from 1984 until 1991. The molds and rights were sold to REH. I believe that Booth Industries pulled the bodies for REH. The 905 was one of the last bodies and it was designed specifically for the Tomy SGP. The Tomy chassis became the basis for the BSRT G3 and the Viper chassis. The low wing body worked very well. Lots of top end and just enough downforce.