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    I just got three new X Traction cars and all three are absolute bullets. They are way faster than the two that I got late last year. Has Auto World changed their armatures?

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    I doubt that the armatures are different. If you have an X-traction that runs poorly the first thing to do is to look through the hole in the side of the chassis and see if the bottom of the armature is parallel to the bottom of the chassis. If it is not the armature must be tipped which causes a poor gear mesh between the drive pinion and the crown gear. Usually the gear plate would need to be positioned a bit further forward.
    See this article for details on the procedure for fixing that.
    Recently a car that had been very fast slowed down and was making noise. I discovered that the driven gear/drive pinion had a wobble, that is a common problem with Aurora Magnatraction cars, but I had never encountered it with an X-Traction. The fix was to peen the lower end of the rivet.


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      The previous X Tractions run pretty good actually, it's just that the new ones seem much faster. On the older ones I replaced the brushes with Tjet pick up springs which makes them a bit faster but the new ones blow them away even with the stock brush setup. Thanks for the article, there's a lot of great info there. I started out tuning the Tjets but lately I've taken a liking to the X Tractions.


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        Perhaps they have made improvements over time?

        But what I suspect it is that range of car quality is very large. I've noticed fast and slow chassis. Some have eggs for wheels and gears and some don't. I think it comes down to a large variance. For example, I bought 5 4Gear dragsters, one was unusable, 1 not so fast and several super fast. The unusable one has wobbly gears and wheels and the arm doesn't seem that fast. Is it just bad luck? Dunno.

        I look forward to Dash producing their AFX Mondo.