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    The Open Brass Challenge will consist of two races, one on the oval and one on the road course. There will be offs counted on the oval, but not on the road course. The laps and sections for both races will be totaled up to determine the winner, there will be 5 bonus laps for using the same car in both races. The track owner is looking to have a local hobby shop donate a trophy.
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      This is an event within a HOCOC event. While HOCOC has run this class for several years now, we've never had a challenge race across multiple tracks. I've wanted to host this event for quite a while but unfortunately the darn COVID situation caused a delay. Unfortunately, the trophy sponsorship has fallen through, but the bragging rights are still available.

      What HOCOC calls Open Brass is pretty much what most of the HO world calls Gravity Class. The HOCOC rules are essentially similar to the HOPRA rules with the exception that HOCOC races this class at 12.0 VDC. And trust me, these cars are plenty fast enough at 12 VDC. All cars will have to pass a lift pin test, with a Lucky Bob's lift pin being used for the test.

      Chassis that we anticipate to compete include the Bulldog sidewinder and inline chassis, the R-Geo chassis, as well as several versions of the Thurman Landshark anglewinder and inline cars. Rumor is that there may also be some interesting scratch builds too.

      Bodies are open on both tracks to the racer's choice.

      The race will consist of a round robin race with 3 minute heats per lane. The ultimate race winner will be based on the combined lap totals from both the Banzai BuckTrax and the HORacePro Slidertm banked oval. There will be 5 bonus laps for using the same chassis on both tracks, but you could use two different chassis if you wanted to do so.

      The road course will be corner-marshalled. Cleaning tires and pickups between heats will be allowed. The oval will be a track call for each deslot with a one-lap penalty applied. Typically, HOCOC rules are that with 7 deslots you are out of the race. I would like to keep the deslot lap penalty but make the deslots unlimited. If you are consistently deslotting you are effectively taking yourself out of contention. Due to the high speeds of the Gravity Class cars on the oval, typically sub 2-second laps, working on the cars between heats is permitted.

      I think this has the opportunity to be a fast, fun, and competitive race. I hope to make it a yearly event. Please let me know if you plan to attend so that I can plan appropriate pit space.


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        I will be there, I have a sidewinder Bulldog and two different Thurman Landshark anglewinders. I won't know which car(s) I will race until the practice session before the race, but I may have a spare car available as a loaner.


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          Here are some Dirt Late Models.


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            These are some of the chassis that are expected to race this coming Sunday at the Old Minion Raceway Gravity Class Challenge. The chassis include Bulldogs in both in-line and sidewinder configuration, R-Geo, Thurman anglewinder, and several designs based on repurposed Landshark components. There should be some great racing!

            IMG_1483 by gcullan, on Flickr
            IMG_1481 by gcullan, on Flickr
            IMG_1478 by gcullan, on Flickr


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              Modified Madness field