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  • Ain't it cute

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200104_154353.jpg
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ID:	15121 Trying my hand at building a gravity car. Hoping to get it assembled tomorrow for some testing.

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    Whoa. Can I get the number to your optometrist? I can hardly see 1/32...hehe.

    That looks sharp. maybe if a nice HO track moves close to me...I might do the same (cough cough)


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      Is that a kit?


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        Well Harry, stranger things have happened.

        WB2, no it`s not but the motor bracket is made by R GEO products. the rest is from K & S Precision Metals 8244 .032 X 2 BRASS STRIP

        Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600.jpg
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          kOoL... My eyes are glued to this build...!!!


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            Got the plastic insulators glued on, and the bottom of the chassis taped so the pick ups don't short. Power leads soldered on the motor . Click image for larger version

Name:	20200105_110544.jpg
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ID:	15234 f Click image for larger version

Name:	20200105_110531.jpg
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ID:	15235


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              Little brass cars are gobs of fun. Yer gonna get hooked. LOL!

              Looks like you're almost ready to go. Good luck Mark!


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                that looks like you are about to have some fun!!
                Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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                  Nice work! Looking real good.


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                    Great to see Mark! We have started playing with those up here as well! They are a lot of fun!


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                      I got the little booger together for some test laps, I`m satisfied with it as the first build. Seems to need a bit more weight, and possibly closer to a 3.00 gearing, right now it`s a 2.44. I do like the feel of the car, the weight really makes it a bit more fun to drive. Not digging the noisy steel guide pin...

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	20200105_194502.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.06 MB ID:	15368Click image for larger version  Name:	20200105_194546.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.11 MB ID:	15369Click image for larger version  Name:	20200105_194454.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.17 MB ID:	15370
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                        That's VERY COOL!!!
                        The Jester

                        Soxside (Chicago)


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                          Looks like the little rascal hauls pretty good!


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                            After watching the video...

                            Now isn't that fast enough? With a gravity car you get to DRIVE it. Individual corners still count!

                            Me, I've been peed off about magnet cars since the early 1970's, when they took over HO racing. Here, finally, almost 50 years later, folks are rediscovering how much fun it is to race without those freakin' magnets.

                            The new N and M class motors make it possible to build HO cars that are smaller versions of 1/32nd and 1/24th scale custom builds. HO -- Slot Racing in Miniature!

                            And here is a shout-out to Gerry Cullan, who crafts some of the most beautiful, impressive and FAST gravity chassis. Leading the way in the HOCOC unlimited gravity class.

                            What counts in gravity racing is tires, center of gravity, gear ratio,and shock absorption. A good motor helps, but often you need to reduce the power to the motor to make the car driveable. Yes, you add resistors or diodes in series with your controller just so the car isn't constantly breaking traction and spinning its wheels. At HOCOC the gravity cars are raced at 12 volts, not 18 or 20 volts, to keep the power within reason. And even then we dial back the power.

                            But, as shown in the above video, that doesn't mean the cars aren't fast. Very quick, thank you! And a blast to drive!

                            Ed Bianchi
                            Ed Bianchi
                            York Pennsylvania USA


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                              Ed, yes definitely fast enough, I just want to fine tune the weight and gearing for a bit more comfortable feel. in this video, power was set at 10v, which was plenty! I to raced the early 70s in the era of the brass pans on the t-jet and AFX chassis, still have a NOS k&k brass pan kit. but have also re crafted a couple myself.

                              this one I built on a new AW Super III configuration, but the motor magnets took away from the real feel.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	41543116-2128553587410563-2655899293562437632-n.jpg
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ID:	15440Click image for larger version

Name:	41487119-2128553567410565-9183331328064487424-n.jpg
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ID:	15441
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